What is Heaven really like? This question has intrigued scholars, scientists, and religious followers for countless millennia. I consider myself a student of the afterlife. I’ve had a life-long fascination with spirituality and what lies beyond this world. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I have indeed learned a thing or two from conversing with spirits as a professional psychic medium, spiritual lecturer, and intuitive life coach for the past eight years. When hearing information from Grandpa Bob (for example), the information he tells me can be verified and validated as true by family members who knew Bob when he was alive. Therefore, when Grandpa Bob goes on to tell me what Heaven is like, I’d be inclined to believe he knows what he’s talking about. The following is a list of things I’ve learned and heard from spirit over the years in the nearly 10,000 documented psychic readings I’ve given to people of all faiths and all walks of life. Feel free to draw your own conclusions and believe what’s true in your heart. And, please refrain from arguing with others about yours or their beliefs, as doing so would be terribly ironic considering there is no arguing in Heaven.

  1. There is no suffering in Heaven. Once there, we’re healed of all physical and emotional trauma we endured on Earth. There is no depression, anxiety, or conflict of any kind.
  2. EVERYONE is welcome in Heaven. Not just Christians. Not just Jews. Not just Buddhists. EVERYONE is granted access.
  3. Nobody is “up there” waiting to judge us. There is no judgement whatsoever – only lessons to be reflected upon. We critique ourselves and our lives, viewing it from the grandest of all perspectives and understanding why we endured what we did.
  4. We’re reunited with family and friends who have gone before us – not just individuals we knew from this life, but people we’ve loved and lost from ALL our previous lifetimes.
  5. We’re reunited with the pets we’ve loved and lost. They’re once again healthy and healed.
  6. We can chose to have a physical body over there if we wish, but we can also exist as a limitless spirit. If we choose to manifest a physical body, it functions much differently than it does here on Earth. We don’t get tired. We don’t have to use the restroom, etc.
  7. There are endless activities in Heaven to keep us busy. Virtually anything you can do here, you can do in Heaven. Perhaps there is no UFC fighting, but there’s a buffet of enjoyable activities (gardening, art, music, dances, laughter, biking, swimming, playing cards, etc.)
  8. Time works much differently in Heaven. Technically, time does not exist, as there are no clocks or calendars of any kind. Spirits have told me that time feels like it goes much quicker in the afterlife, meaning a month here on Earth could feel more like a day to those in Heaven.
  9. Physics works much differently over there. Yes, it’s possible to fly and walk through walls. If you’ve always wanted to be a super hero, then you’ll love the afterlife.
  10. People in Heaven don’t get overly bent out of shape about the struggles we go through on Earth. It’s not that they don’t care; it’s just that they view things from the highest perspective and they know we’ll eventually figure it out. They know why we’re experiencing the hardships that we are, and they know how it fits into the bigger picture. They view us kind of like mice who are struggling to “find the cheese” – but they know we’ll get it eventually, so they don’t have anxiety about our struggles.
  11. A few spirits in Heaven have told me that dying is like waking up from a video game or simulation. It feels like you just stepped off of a wild ride. You shake your head, smile, and say, “Wow, I’ll have to do that again sometime. What a rush!”
  12. In Heaven (when we’re between lifetimes on Earth) we have complete recollection of every lifetime we’ve ever lived, including the experiences and memories that come from those journeys. Simply put, our wisdom is limitless. We have countless talents and can speak nearly every language imaginable when we’re in Heaven.
  13. In Heaven, we tend to look like a 20 year old or 30 year old version of how we appeared here on Earth. Thank goodness for that. Goodbye wrinkles and thinning hair.
  14. Yes, there is chocolate in Heaven.
  15. Everything is more vivid, intense, and pleasurable, but our senses are intertwined. We can taste music, hear colors, and see the music in the air. Sounds pretty cool, huh?


While this is an incomplete list, I promise you that the afterlife is even more amazing than you can possibly imagine. While Earth doesn’t have quite as many bells and whistles as the Other Side, our world isn’t the worst place to call home. Plus, it’s true that we can create our own little Heaven on Earth. All it takes to do this is a little bit of effort, some perspective, and a willingness to create a joy-filled existence. Doing so makes our journey here a little more bearable. However, don’t get too comfortable here. Earth isn’t your true home. It’s a temporary classroom; a school of hard knocks and lessons to be learned before we cross back over to a place of unimaginable beauty – a place called Heaven.