Every job has its ups and downs. Even if you’re one of the lucky few who are currently working in your dream profession, you have to admit that some weeks are better than others. As long as the good weeks still outweigh the bad, it can be advisable to stay put. Then again, if your job sucks the every last drop of sanity from your soul, perhaps it’s time to punch the old time clock one last time and move onto bigger and better things. I’m probably no different than you in that my work keeps me on my toes. Sometimes it’s stressful, often it’s rewarding, and most of the time I consider myself very lucky to do what I do.

You might not know this, but statistically speaking, Tuesdays are the most productive work day of the week. I guess it makes sense. On Mondays, you’re still recovering from the weekend. Wednesdays are “hump day” where you’re making too many camel jokes to get work done. On Thursdays, people are just waiting for Friday to roll around. And come Friday, employees spend half the day on Facebook figuring out their weekend plans. So really, it all comes down to Tuesdays in terms of being productive. So in honor of Tuesday, I’m writing this blog about work and being productive and the upsides and downsides to the weekly grind. I wear a lot of different hats (literally and figuratively), so I’ll break down my profession by category as I keep it real and honest. I hope you can relate . . .

Psychic Medium

Upside: The upside to being a full-time psychic medium is that I get to hear a lot of cool stories involving ghosts, angels, miracles, and odd synchronicities. People pretty much assume I’ve heard just about everything (and I really have), so they’re not hesitant to share these stories with me. Plus, these stories give me a never-ending array of content for my future books. Most importantly, my faith in the afterlife is affirmed day after day as I hear and relay validating messages from people in Heaven. Our loved ones over there are always in the loop regarding what we’ve been up to, and this gives me (and my clients) tremendous comfort.

Downside: Seeing the sadness in the eyes of my grieving clients can be tough. Yet, they leave my office feeling lighter and happier, so it’s a healing process to say the least.

Life Coach

Upside: I love being a life coach because I get to hear so many interesting stories of how people have overcome adversity and survived unthinkable situations. I’ve met some real life Forrest Gumps – people with lives so interesting that movies should be made about them.

Downside: The downside to being a life coach is that it’s not always easy to practice what I preach. Knowing what to do with your life and actually doing it are two different things. Nevertheless, the advice I give to others throughout the day is always a good reminder to get my own butt in gear and do the personal/spiritual upkeep needed to take care of myself. Personal health and well-being is always an ongoing process, isn’t it?

Inspirational Speaker

Upside: I love having the chance to have a positive impact on a person’s life. And, typically those who show up at my lectures are eagerly awaiting something positive to latch onto, so they’re often very receptive to my messages. Plus, the vibes inside the venue are tremendously uplifting when you get so many optimistic people under one roof. It’s simply wonderful!

Downside: There aren’t many cons to my work as a public speaker, but one challenging aspect is making sure my lecture is relatable to everyone in the audience. People of all backgrounds, faiths, and all walks of life attend my events, so it’s important to make sure the content is relevant to every population present. That can be quite a task considering how diverse my audiences generally are.


Upside: It’s the most solitary and soul-searching aspect of my career, and it requires putting a lot of my heart and soul and personal experiences onto paper. Believe it or not, I’m actually a bit of an introvert, so when it’s just me and my computer on a rainy afternoon, I’m a happy camper. Writing soothes my soul. Year ago, I could only dream of being a published author. Now, with three books out, I’m living the dream and I’m beyond excited to keep producing more writing.

Downside: The downside to publishing books is that the process of publishing is rather tedious and requires every ounce of patience you’ve got. Self-publishing is a bit easier, but when working with a publishing company, it can take well over a year to hold a copy of your own book in your hands. The upside though, is that while each book is processing and being edited, I use that time to work on my next book. Therefore, I’ll keep churning them out like pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving. Truthfully, I’d probably keep writing even if nobody read my books. The fact that they’re well-received just gives me extra motivation. I love writing. It keeps me sane . . . well, relatively speaking anyways.

What are the upsides and downsides to your line of work? Whatever you do and wherever you live, I hope your work provides you with a feeling of fulfillment and allows you to put food on the table. If not, stop by my house sometime. We generally have extra pumpkin pies in November. Until then, keep punching that time clock and count your blessings that you even have a job in the first place. When the going gets tough, just remember that each challenging week is often followed by a week that is much more manageable. Now, get back to work! After all, Tuesday is supposed to be the most productive day of the work week. And I don’t want your boss to catch you reading some psychic’s blog rather than doing your job. Thanks for reading, and happy Tuesday, everyone.