One of my favorite parts about being a psychic medium in Omaha is that I get to meet people from all backgrounds and all walks of life. Those from other parts of the country would never imagine what an eclectic bunch of characters call Omaha home. Here’s a story about one of my more memorable clients. This story includes some of my favorite spiritual and metaphysical subjects: trusting the universe, abundance, and synchronicity.

Her name is Ellen. Her body has aged 74 years, but she has the mind of a 24-year-old. Ellen is sassy, youthful, and vibrant. She generally sports a head-turner of a hair-do. With neon orange and red stripes in her bangs, she looks like the love child of a solar flare and an atomic bomb. “I let my hairdresser use my head as a blank canvass during each appointment,” she proclaims. “The brighter, the better!”

Ellen has owned and operated a tanning salon for the past few decades. Unfortunately, her business took a hit due to the recession, and she’s stumbled upon hard times financially as a result. Her limited spending money jeopardized her ability to come see me for another psychic reading. After scheduling her appointment to see me, and waiting nearly a year for the reading, she regretted to inform me that she simply could not afford her session after all.

Guided by my empathy and my guardian angels, I did what any sensible person would do. I cut her a break. I couldn’t, in good conscience, turn away a 74 year old lady for financial reasons. I made a deal with Ellen that she could pay whatever she could afford at the time of her reading, even if it was only twenty dollars (a tremendous discount from my normal rate). This seemed to make her day, and she graciously accepted the offer. Twenty dollars it would be.

On the day of her reading, she arrived at my office displaying yet another eccentric hair color. It was bright enough to be seen from the International Space Station. She gave me a hug, and we began the reading. Before I established a connection with her deceased husband and other relatives, she had a remarkable story to share with me.

One of Ellen’s tanning clients is on a limited income. “She always has been, and always will be,” Ellen said. Out of the goodness of her heart, Ellen allows this particular client to use the tanning bed free of charge. “She hasn’t paid me in years.”

While silencing her cell phone, she continued by saying, “I’ve always sold lotions, oils, and skin care products at my salon. Earlier today, for the first time ever, my financially restricted client unexpectedly happened to buy twenty dollars’ worth of lotions.”

Ellen reached into her bottomless pit of a purse, and pulled out a crisp, twenty dollar bill. She candidly admitted that earlier in the day, she didn’t have a single dollar to give me for the reading. I began to explain that her session could be free of charge if she simply couldn’t afford it. However, Ellen interrupted me and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. She thrusted the cash into my palm, closed my fist, and patted my hand. “The universe has always given me exactly what I need, exactly when I need it,” she said with a smile.

I nodded, and added the age old cliché, “What goes around comes around, right?”

Ellen winked at me in agreement. Her crystal clear blue eyes glistened like ocean waters in Tahiti. We talked about how it was ironic and fitting she’d been taking care of her client all these years who needed a break financially, and in return, that very same client provided the exact money Ellen needed to get a reading with me.

We continued the session, and I relayed several messages from her armada of loved ones in Heaven. We laughed, cried, bantered, joked, and chatted casually about the meaning of life. Ellen strolled out of my office that afternoon with her tan skin and electric hair. She seemed to have an extra pep in her step. On her way out the door, she turned around and said to me, “You may want to keep that twenty spot in your back pocket, Andy. You never know who might need it next.”