Out of all the psychics in Omaha, I might offer one of the most diverse ranges of intuitive services. People come to see me for life coaching, medium sessions, past life readings, and information on their guardian angels. I like this variety because it keeps me on my toes and ensures that each psychic reading will be different than the last. One of my favorite aspects is teaching and/or explaining new concepts to individuals who are new to this type of thing. My clients obviously ask me personal/psychic questions, but I also enjoy fielding general questions that are relatable to everyone. One of the most common questions I’m asked is on the topic of déjà-vu, so I thought I would address it in this article since so many people seem to be interested in what it means. In my humble opinion, there are three different potential causes when a person experiences this.

Déjà-vu can sometimes be caused when you experience something similar to what you’ve encountered in past lifetimes. It could be related to a place, a conversation, a feeling, or a person. When you find yourself in a similar situation in this lifetime, your soul remembers having lived through it before, and it causes déjà-vu. Old souls have lived more past lifetimes, and therefore are prone to experiencing déjà-vu more often.

The second possible explanation stems from the fact that many of our life events are pre-planned. We essentially wrote a script to our lives in Heaven before we were ever born. Now that we’re here and going through the motions, we’ll often feel déjà-vu because it’s essentially our soul “remembering” the destiny we planned for ourselves long ago.

The third possible explanation of déjà-vu is more scientific in nature. Neuroscientists believe that our brains will sometimes experience an event, instantly forget it, and then re-remember it a split second later (therefore, we feel as though we’ve experienced it twice). In other words, they’re essentially referring to a “brain fart” – a lack in concentration.

I think we’re prone to experiencing all three of these forms of déjà-vu through our lives. It varies depending on the situation. Many people I’ve talked with have wondered if dreams are linked with déjà-vu in any way. There is a phenomenon that is loosely connected with déjà-vu – it’s called precognitive dreaming. That’s essentially when you have a dream that later comes true in real life. When real life mimics your dreams, it can obviously cause you to feel a strange sense of familiarity. However, I think that precognitive dreams and déjà-vu are separate phenomena altogether. I hope this helps you a little bit. Feel free to email or send me a Facebook message if you’re interested in this subject.