By a narrow margin, my Facebook followers voted for this article to be about “the language they speak in Heaven”. So here it is . . .

I’m not sure if people in Heaven speak Klingon (sorry Star Trek fans). I also doubt people in the afterlife speak Pig Latin either, but you can bet your bottom dollar that many of them are fluent in sarcasm (just like they were in life). Truthfully, spirits in Heaven don’t even require a spoken language like we do on Earth. Believe it or not, they often communicate telepathically with one another. This means they essentially read each other’s thoughts in an instant transfer of information. The proof behind this comes via our dreams.

Deceased loved ones can visit us in our dreams. It’s the equivalent of our spirit and their spirit having a little rendezvous halfway between Heaven and Earth. This is possible because our dreams act as a bridge between the two dimensions; a playground for these interactions to take place. I’ve spoken with hundreds of people who’ve essentially had the same experience in that they were contacted in their dreams by a deceased loved one, and their departed family member or friend spoke to them without even moving their lips. The communication was instant and telepathic – it’s as if you just know what your loved one is trying to say. The telepathic communication not only instant, it’s natural and easy. It’s far more effective than awkwardly stumbling over our words like we often do in real life.

Looking at this topic from a whole different angle, you could also say that people in Heaven don’t just speak telepathically; they speak every language imaginable. It’s true! We humans reincarnate from lifetime to lifetime. When we die, we cross back into the afterlife for a period of time and while there, we remember all the wisdom, information, and experiences we gained from all of our lifetimes. Taking into account the thousands of lifetimes you’ve lived over the ages, you have probably lived in hundreds of different countries on every continent (minus Antarctica – and good riddance . . . it’s too damn cold there anyway). My point is that through these past lifetimes, you were immersed in every culture imaginable, and therefore when you’re in Heaven (between lifetimes) you’re fluent in every language you’ve ever spoken . . . which is probably ALL of them!

I’ve been a professional psychic medium for eight years. My job is to communicate with people in Heaven and relay messages on their behalf. Language has never been a barrier that prevented me from doing this – not even if the person was Colombian, Russian, or Japanese when they were alive. On Earth, many things get lost in translation – especially nowadays with text messages, e-mails, and dropped video conferencing (I swear that Skype was invented just to irritate me). But, at least there’s Heaven . . . where communicating with another person is as easy as thinking a thought and having it flutter into another person’s soul like a gentle little butterfly. Okay, now I’m using cheesy and poetic language, which means it’s time for me to wrap this up. Next time you have a dream of a departed family member, shoot me an e-mail and let me know if they spoke directly into your heart without even moving their lips. Until then, take care and goodbye. Or, rather . . . Adios, chao, aloha, arrivederci, au revoir, and svidaniya.