My followers on my “Psychic Medium Andy Myers” Facebook page pretty much have free reign over this blog. I rarely post an article that’s my own idea. Each article comes from the masses. I offer up multiple choices and the topics are voted on. The people have spoken, and this time around, the majority of you wanted to read about boosting intuition. It’s a complex subject, but here’s my express lane checkout rendition of how to increase your psychic senses.

  1. First of all, believe there is such a thing as intuition. We’re not talking about elves at the North Pole here. Intuition is real. It can be studied, measured, proven, and validated. Animals have instincts. Humans have intuition. It’s just that simple. Embrace the notion that you’re a fundamentally intuitive being, or else you can’t go much further on your journey of psychic development.
  2. Don’t fear your intuition. Some people have this wild idea that being open-minded to psychic abilities will open up a portal in their living room and usher in a parade of devils, demons, and negative energies. Truth be told, I’ve been a professional psychic medium who has been giving psychic readings for nearly a decade and I’ve not had one single incident that was evil or malicious or traumatic. Trust me, living people are much scarier than dead people. Opening up your psychic senses won’t put you in cahoots with the devil. But it might bring you closer to God, your loved ones in Heaven, and your own spirituality.
  3. Make sure your intentions are pure. Look, if you want to use your sixth sense to keep yourself happy and on track in life, that’s great. If you want to use it to guide others and give sound advice, that’s wonderful. But, if you’re looking to harness your psychic abilities just to get on TV and become the next Long Island Medium, you might want to reconsider your motives. Intuition is a blessing that should be embraced with reverence and humility, not wielded like a rock star’s electric guitar. Keep that ego in check. And, if at the end of the day, you still desperately want to be on TV, just learn to juggle flaming chainsaws. That should do the trick.
  4. Don’t overcomplicate things. Intuition is mostly about quieting the mind enough to let our heart and feelings rise to the surface. Kind of like a multiple choice test back in high school, your initial hunch is usually correct. Don’t second guess yourself. If you’re an analytical-minded person, it might take more concentrated effort to listen to your heart rather than your head.
  5. When you’re more emotional, you’re more psychic. Period. Psychic abilities flow from the heart and the emotional spectrum of our being. So, when you’re having an emotional day, whether it’s due to circumstances, hormones, or a sappy commercial you saw on TV, just know that in those moments you’re highly intuitive and will be more likely to get intuitive nuggets of wisdom. On the slip side, being overly analytical will make it harder to tap your psychic keg.
  6. If you want to be more psychic, than be more spiritual. How does one go about doing that? It depends who you ask. There’s more than one way to carve a turkey. Folks tend to find God and happiness and peace of mind in various ways. Whether it’s meditating, going to church, doing volunteer work, praying, doing Yoga, walking in nature, or attending self-help workshops, the main goal is to center yourself. Finding a sense of peace and tranquility on this crazy planet may be hard at times, but if you can pull it off, it’s sure to boost your intuition.
  7. This last pointer may be the hardest of the bunch. It’s simply to be patient with yourself. Just because intuition itself is simple doesn’t mean that using it is easy. Like any skill or talent or gift, it takes time to become better at it. Practice using your intuition simply by listening to your gut instincts and then acting on them. With time, you’ll find that your sixth sense is accurate more often than not. And with time, you’ll become more confident in your intuition.

I hope these suggestions serve you well in the epic battle to unlock your intuitive potential. For those of you in Omaha looking to take your intuition to the next level, perhaps I’ll see you at my “Unwrap Your Intuition” lecture on November 17, 2017. Everyone in attendance will receive a free puppy and a back massage.

*please note that by “free puppy” I really mean a high five and by “back massage” I mean a nice compliment.