One of the best parts of being a psychic medium is hearing the amazing stories that my clients share with me on a weekly basis. The individuals who schedule a reading with me are typically open minded, and open minded people tend to experience some weird occurrences throughout their lives – some involving ghosts and spirits, and others involving incredible synchronicity. Here’s one true story that defies all odds and reminds us that there really is some order to our world that often seems random.

This story was submitted to me by a past client of mine. Her best friend is named Mallory. Apparently, Mallory had endured a messy divorce. Just when she mustered up the courage to put herself back on the market, she found herself in a train wreck of a relationship which didn’t work out, either. After picking up the pieces from that relationship, she was nearly ready to swear off men forever. Reluctantly, she ended up joining an online dating website. Mallory was convinced she’d end up with an ax murderer or escaped convict. Just when she was starting to give up hope, she met Jeremy.

His online profile seemed to be what she was looking for. He had no previous convictions, and didn’t even own an ax. Yahtzee! Mallory lived in Omaha and Jeremy lived in Lincoln. Mallory was slightly hesitant about a long distance relationship, but Jeremy convinced her that the 45 minute drive from Omaha to Lincoln shouldn’t stand in the way of their feelings for one another. Mallory was persuaded, and the two eventually met in person for coffee.

During their first date, sparks flew. There was chemistry between them. Jeremy talked about his family, and Mallory shared details about her family heritage. Here’s where they stumbled upon quite the synchronicity. Jeremy mentioned he was Italian. Mallory found this interesting since she, too, was Italian. That in itself was rather unremarkable, but the further down this rabbit hole they went, the more they discovered how much they had in common.

Jeremy’s mom came from a large Italian family, originally from Des Moines, Iowa. This perked up Mallory’s ears, because her mom’s Italian family was also from Des Moines. Jeremy and Mallory each asked their mothers for more details on Italian families in the Des Moines area. They came to find out that, not only did their mothers’ families know each other, but once upon a time, they knew each other quite well! In fact, still to this day, Jeremy’s uncle, Frank, still has a crush on Mallory’s mom.

They also discovered that Jeremy’s parents and Mallory’s parents were not only married at the same exact church, but were married just months apart. Their moms wore wedding dresses that were nearly identical! Here’s the real kicker to the story; the marinara sauce on the meatball, if you will . . . Jeremy and Mallory uncovered that both their distant ancestors trace back to a particular small town in southern Italy called Terravecchia.

Who knows? Maybe Jeremy and Mallory have great, great, great, great ancestors who were cousins. A few hundred years later, and a few thousand miles away, they find themselves bumping into each other on dating website. The rest, as they say, is history. Jeremy and Mallory were married in October of 2015. They have found their soulmate in one another, and are quite literally happier than they’ve ever been.