As a psychic medium, people expect me to blow their minds with fascinating information. I do my best to deliver services that offer this “wow” factor, but often times I’m just as amazed by the things my clients share with me. I hear incredible true stories that are far more exciting than anything a Hollywood director could create. Here’s one such account involving a heartwarming synchronicity.

Her name was Stephanie. She lived on the other side of the country, so I gave her an over-the-phone reading. Sadly, Stephanie’s husband had been diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer when he was still very young (approximately 30 years old). During his final months alive, treatment was not going well, and her husband’s health slowly deteriorated.

Through the internet and social media, Stephanie reached out to others around the country, hoping to connect with people who also suffered from this rare form of cancer. Stephanie and her husband were looking for support, encouragement, and anyone who would understand exactly what they were doing through. Eventually, they found another couple who were fighting the same battle. It was a young wife (also around 30 years old) whose health was declining due to the same form of rare cancer. Although the two couples lived several hours apart, they kept in close contact via e-mail and phone, and eventually became good friends.

Stephanie’s husband passed away a few months later. Unfortunately, so did the young wife they had made friends with in the other city. Stephanie was shocked and distraught as reality sunk in. She was a young widow, now left to raise her two young children on her own. Now, more than ever, she needed a friend to rely on for strength and comfort. Stephanie stayed in contact with Michael (the young man in the other city whose wife had just died).

Stephanie explained to me that she and Michael felt very connected. After all, they’d just experienced similar heartache at the exact same time. They eventually agreed to get together and meet in person for the first time, at a small diner half way between their hometowns. Stephanie and Michael talked for hours over coffee. Still in a grief-stricken fog, they weren’t looking for a romantic connection. They both needed a friend, a shoulder to cry on, and someone who would truly understand the ordeal they’d just undergone.

Stephanie said, “It’s not something we planned, but there was immediate chemistry between us. We felt guilty for having feelings for each other, so we gave it some time. I mean, our spouses only died like three months prior, so it was still pretty fresh.” Stephanie explained that, as months passed, she and Michael talked, texted, and e-mailed ever-more frequently, and their friendship slowly blossomed into a romance.

I explained to Stephanie that neither she nor Michael needed to feel guilty. You see, when we lose a significant other or a spouse, all they want is for us to be happy. The instant a person crosses into Heaven, they’re no longer capable of feeling jealousy, resentments, or anger. They do not feel threatened, intimidated, or envious of anything or anyone on Earth. They want us to have companionship. They want us to love, and to be loved in return.

Stephanie had two children: an older daughter, and a younger son named Ethan. Stephanie explained that Michael and his late wife also had two kids: an older daughter, and a younger son, also named Ethan. Stephanie’s and Michael’s daughters were the same age, and the two Ethans were also the exact same age. The incredible and unlikely story of these two families was almost too much to comprehend. Somehow, in some way, their situations and life stories were in perfect synch. Through the storm clouds of heartache came a rainbow of love.

A couple years later, Michael and Stephanie were married, and eventually had a daughter together. She was the fifth child of this wonderfully unconventional family, and the only one Michael and Stephanie had conceived together. Including Michael, Stephanie, and their children, this daughter was lucky number seven. This seventh family member had a very special name. With a little creativity, Stephanie and Michael named their daughter after both their spouses who passed away.

In Stephanie’s reading, her late husband (and Michael’s deceased wife) came through with dozens of messages about their children. They described the kids’ quirks, strengths, weaknesses, habits, favorite school subjects, and inside jokes. Michael’s and Stephanie’s spouses offered heartfelt blessings from the Other Side. As they spoke to me in spirit, they assured Stephanie that her newfound love with Michael was all part of the grand plan. This baby girl (lucky number seven) they created together was already loved beyond words by two step-parents in Heaven, who will act as her guardian angels.