The votes on my Facebook page were really close, but the topic of “psychic children” barely edged out “common past life geographic locations”. True to my word – the most votes won, and so this article is about how to tell of your child is psychic.

I like lists. There’s just something so crisp and neat and organized about them. So, here is a quick rundown of some signs/symptoms/indications that your children may have advanced intuitive senses.

  1. They will show elevated levels of empathy (highly compassionate, very kind).
  2. They will most likely exhibit anxiety (not wanting to be alone, difficulty in large crowds, etc.)
  3. They will probably be very good with animals – almost a spiritual connection with furry critters.
  4. The child might have night terrors (which are often past life memories resurfacing).
  5. They often know what’s going to happen before it happens.
  6. They’re fantastic judges of character. They’ll be drawn to certain people but will refuse to go near others.
  7. Psychic kids often prefer to sleep in their parent’s beds (sometimes even until the age of 4, 5, 6 years old and beyond if permitted). This stems from anxiety, the night terrors mentioned earlier, and the fact that they don’t like to be alone.
  8. One of the most obvious signs of a psychic child is that they see/hear/sense the presence of ghosts and spirits. Despite what you see on TV, these spirits cannot hurt your child. But the unsettling feeling can certainly make them feel on edge or paranoid.
  9. Psychic kids are often highly gifted in other ways (extremely smart, fast learners, highly creative, wise for their age, and very observant of their surroundings).
  10. Children with elevated intuition often have a hard time around electronics (their computers will freeze, iPads will stop working, lights will go out, etc.) This is due to the child’s unique energy field (aura) as much as the fact that sprits are around the kid.
  11. For reasons that aren’t fully understood, many psychic children are picky eaters and/or have sensitive stomachs. Many of them are not big carnivores and prefer veggies and other food as opposed to meat.
  12. Many psychic kids are very mature for their age and prefer the company of older individuals. This is because many psychic kids are old souls – and old souls are wise beyond their years.
  13. Psychic kids are typically very intelligent, but many of them struggle in school because of the anxiety that goes along with large crowds, loud environments, and peers who don’t understand their struggles. Some psychic kids end up being home-schooled to avoid these issues.
  14. Psychic kids are notorious for talking about spiritual subjects. They might remember what Heaven was like, they might remember their past lifetimes, and they’re likely to report seeing/sensing their deceased relatives occasionally.

I hate to stop at an odd number such as 14, but the list is endless because every psychic child is unique and may exhibit different characteristics. I hope you’ve found this helpful. If after reading this article, you’ve discovered that a child in your life might be highly intuitive, please know there is help. On May 6, 2017 I’ll be teaching my yearly “Psychic Kids” class in Omaha. It’s a tremendous resource for psychic kids AND their parents. I’ll discuss how to help psychic kids, how to bring out the best in them, how to make them feel less afraid and more empowered. Teachers often attend this lecture and so do professionals who work with youth. If you’re interested in getting tickets to that event, simply visit the “event” page of my website. I hope to see you there, and I hope you’ve found this article beneficial.