The majority of my Facebook followers voted for this particular article to be about signs and messages from departed pets. So, here it is!

I’m a lover of animals. I always have been. Although I don’t claim to be a pet psychic, I feel I have a strong connection with most critters. In many of my psychic readings when I’m connecting with loved ones in Heaven and relaying messages to family members, I’ll see and sense the presence of dogs and cats on the Other Side. I can sometimes hear them bark and purr, but I cannot translate this into English to relay a specific message to their owners here on Earth. Even though I can’t translate what the animals are saying, I can often provide a physical description of the animal, and this provides comfort and validation as my clients are able to tell me which specific pet that is, when they passed away, etc. Thankfully, our beloved critters will be well taken care of by animal-loving family members in Heaven until we get there ourselves someday.

As a happy bonus, our departed pets can often bypass a psychic medium like myself and give direct signs and messages to their owners without any assistance at all. For example, I’ve heard many reports of a person’s cat passing away and then days later, the person says they felt the cat’s footprints walking across the bed and leaving little indentations in the mattress. I’ve heard dozens of stories of a family losing their dog, only to hear the dog’s nails clicking and clacking across the tile floors in the kitchen – a familiar sound when the dog was alive. If only one person had heard this, we could chalk it up to an auditory hallucination, but when the entire family hears the sound at the exact same time, it makes you wonder if the dog’s spirit is dropping by to say hello. Keep in mind, animals are simple creatures. It only makes sense that the signs and messages they give us are rather simple, too. Often times, it’s very subtle when we feel their presence after their deaths.

However, on rare occasions, signs from our departed pets are more obvious and bizarre – like the time I nearly tripped over the translucent spirit of my cat in the hallway. It had just passed away the previous night, and its spirit was curled up on the hallway floor as I came out of the bathroom in the wee hours of the morning. I stumbled into the wall trying to avoid stepping on it, and it looked as real as a living cat, although it was see-through. Mind you, the cat wasn’t “stuck” here as an Earth-bound entity – it was just paying a visit to let me know it was very much alive and well in the afterlife. In another case, my wife was cooking eggs on the stove, and felt our cat, Darwin, rubbing up against her leg as if he wanted some attention. After several seconds of this, she looked down and said, “Oh my gosh, you’re so affectionate today!” As these words came out of her mouth, she realized, that Darwin wasn’t anywhere near her, but rather was curled up and sleeping on the couch in the other room (and our dog was sound asleep right next to Darwin on the couch). We may never know who the mysterious spirit cat was that morning – but he or she was obviously pretty sweet and affectionate.

I’ve heard of many accounts of pets showing up in family photos after their deaths. They can manifest as a streak of light, an orb (bubble), or a smudge in the photo. Sometimes, the abnormality in the picture will contain a color that’s relevant to your departed pet. For example, it your dog’s leash, sweater, and dog bed were all green, it’s possible that a mysterious green abnormality could show up in a photo that’s taken at your dog’s favorite park after he’s gone. One could take this as a sign or message that your dog is still with you in spirit when you visit that location.

Rest assured that your pets DO cross over to Heaven. The Universe wouldn’t be a fair place otherwise. Many of us feel a stronger connection to animals than to our fellow humans. It only makes sense they’d be allowed into the afterlife. And, why wouldn’t they? They have souls just like we do! Actually, in a lot of ways, animals are more loving and pure and perfect than we humans are. Sure, your cat might occasionally throw up on the stairs, and your dog might rummage through the cat litter when you’re not home – but in the end, they’re very pure souls. Honestly, I think they’re the closest thing to angels that we see on a daily basis. If you’ve lost a pet, please be patient for a sign, message, or spirit visit. They’re rare and don’t happen all the time. And regardless if you’ve felt them around in spirit, please have faith that they’re alive and well on the Other Side – healthy, youthful, and as playful as ever. You’ll eventually be reunited with them. Until then, know they’re in good hands and are being spoiled rotten, just like they deserve.