You’d think that practicing as a psychic medium would make for a very serious profession. And, while some days that’s true, there are lesser known light hearted moments that have me busting a gut. A day of psychic readings can take me on an emotional rollercoaster ride. There are often tears – tears of pain, tears of joy, tears of healing and hope. But on the other end of the spectrum are the silly moments; the times when departed friends and family members ask me to relay inside jokes and funny family memories to the clients in my office. It can make for side-splitting humor. And, whether I’m offering psychic sessions in Omaha or Denver or Minneapolis or Nashville, it’s true that people love to laugh. It helps the healing process and it’s simply good medicine. Although I have countless examples of psychic humor, here are two occurrences that you might find endearing.

I was conducting a gallery reading – I believe it was in Des Moines – one of those events where there’s an audience and random members of the audience receive some messages from their departed loved ones. Anyway, I had the pleasure of speaking with a nice lady named Dorothy who must have been in her eighties. She was sweeter than a ten gallon tub of cake frosting. Dorothy had lost several family members, so I spent a few minutes connecting with her deceased army of people. I was really enjoying speaking with her, and we’d somehow started talking about dreams and how loved ones in the afterlife can come and visit us in dreams.

As much as I wanted to keep chatting with the Dorothy, I needed to wrap it up so I could move on and call on someone else. Her deceased brother concluded the conversation by asking me to tell Dorothy, “I’ll be seeing you real soon,” (meaning, he’d be visiting her in her dreams real soon). Well, she mistook the message to mean she’d by dying soon and would be reunited with her brother in the afterlife. She looked horrified and placed her hands on her chest. Gasping in disbelief, she said, “Oh my goodness, I certainly hope not!”

I stumbled over my words as I tried to clarify the message. I assured her that’s not what her brother meant. “He’ll be seeing you in your dreams, Dorothy. In your dreams. That’s what he’s saying.” Dorothy exhaled a big sigh of relief as she erupted into laughter. “Oh, thank heavens!” she shouted. This triggered the whole audience to laugh in unison. I was left shaking my head with a nervous grimace on my face, as though I’d just nearly witnessed a car accident.

As I walked over to collect the microphone from Dorothy, she winked at me and touched me gently on the shoulder. I smiled back at her, apologizing for the misunderstanding and explaining that miscommunication doesn’t just happen in marriages; it can also happen between dimensions while relaying messages from Heaven to Earth.

The second incident that comes to mind regarding psychic humor was an embarrassing moment I experienced in Kansas City. I was scheduled to give a lecture on developing intuition – one of those events to help audience members tap into their own psychic senses and better communicate with their guardian angels. Anyhow, the venue was a fancy hotel ballroom but the facility was on the lower level and the parking lot was up above, so my staff and I had to travel up and down the elevators many times to bring in all my presentation supplies. To make a long story short, I must have left my common sense at home and managed to lock my keys in my vehicle while bringing in supplies. So there I was, standing helplessly outside my vehicle, peering through the window like a car thief looking for a joyride. Up walked a stranger who called out to me, “Andy, is that you?”

My ego curled in on itself like a hedgehog trying to hide from danger. I secretly wished to be invisible as the stranger continued, “I thought that was you. I could tell by your hat. Hey, I’m here to attend your event on developing intuition.” The lady must have known by the sheepish look on my face that something wasn’t quite right. “What are you doing out here looking in car windows?” As if admitting to my mother that I’d just stolen a cookie from the cookie jar, I blushed as I explained that I’d locked myself out of my vehicle.

The lady looked at me for a few seconds as if she were collecting her thoughts, and then she replied, “Well that’s not very intuitive of you.” We both burst out laughing and all I could do was shrug my shoulders. I explained that, thankfully, the crisis could be averted since my wife had traveled with me and she possesses a spare key. I boarded the elevator with the lady who’d registered for my event, and we made small talk as I went to get the spare set of keys. I explained that intuition doesn’t always translate to common sense. I admitted to being a bit of a space cadet at times – not forgetful necessarily, just absentminded and a tad unorganized. “Are you ready for your first lesson in psychic development?” I asked her with a smirk on my face. She eagerly nodded as she readied her pen to take notes in her little journal. “Few things in life are more valuable than your sixth sense. But a spare key is one of them.”