Proof can be a very tricky concept. It’s slippery and hard to get a grasp on – kind of like a bowling ball covered in Vaseline. Proof is subjective, which often means that when it comes to metaphysical and spiritual subjects, believers will always hold true to their beliefs no matter how much evidence is presented to the contrary. On the flip side, non-believers will often refuse to buy into something regardless how much proof or anecdotal evidence is uncovered. Maybe it’s because we’re inherently stubborn or maybe it’s because we’re only able to view the world through our own tiny lens and struggle to see things from someone else’s viewpoint.

Anyhow, I wholeheartedly believe in reincarnation. I believe we’ve lived past lifetimes because I’ve seen enough proof and evidence that it’s an undeniable fact (in my mind at least). A while back, I travelled to Minneapolis to conduct some psychic readings. I met with a nice woman named Kristin and shared some information with her that I sensed about her past lifetimes. I explained that she lived a past life in Salem, Massachusetts during the famous Salem Witch Trials. According to the past life images in my mind’s eye, Kristin was accused of being a witch. She denied the accusations, and her life was truly on the line as she convinced friends and acquaintances that she was innocent.

As you can imagine, this would cause a person a great deal of anxiety. She was never officially put on trial and therefore she was never convicted. It was a close call during a very dark and superstitious period in history. I relayed this information and Kristin found it interesting. However, we quickly began talking about other topics because I didn’t assume the witch trials had much impact on her current life.

A few weeks later, I received a very interesting follow-up email from her. Kristin was working at a summer school program and was riding on the bus with a young student of hers. She reported he was a super sweet kid and was quite a motor-mouth. As long as she was willing to keep listening, he was willing to keep talking about anything and everything. Suddenly, he brought up a topic that a child of his age shouldn’t know anything about. He asked Kristin, “Have you ever heard of the Salem Witch Trials?”

She cocked her head in surprise and replied, “Yeah, I’ve heard of them. What do you know about the trials?”

The young child nonchalantly explained that he’d recently studied up on the history of it. “Some people were put on trial because they had birthmarks. Those people weren’t witches but people thought they were because they had strange birthmarks.”

Hearing this struck a nerve with Kristin. She later explained to me via email that she was born with a very noticeable birthmark on her forehead that lasted until she was around one year old. It makes you wonder if she also had an obvious birthmark when she lived during the Salem Witch Trials. Perhaps that’s why she was nearly put on trial. Past life “carry-overs” do occur, and we sometimes bring physical or emotional issues with us into this lifetime from previous ones. As Kristin neared the age of one and her birthmark began to fade, so too did her connection to the past lifetime in Salem. Thank goodness we now live in a world that is much less superstitious. Nobody should be put on trial for a silly birthmark. If you found this story moderately interesting, this next true tale of reincarnation will certainly make your jaw hit the floor. It’s a true story of a three-year-old boy who found his own murderer.

The young boy was born in the Golan Heights region near the borders of Israel and Syria. From the time he could talk, he insisted that he was murdered in a past lifetime by an axe blow to the forehead. Interestingly enough, the boy was born with a noticeable birthmark on his forehead. Since reincarnation is taken seriously in that part of the world, the boy’s family didn’t immediately dismiss his claims. They wondered if perhaps the birthmark was a left-over side effect from the murder that had followed the boy into his current lifetime.

As time went on, the little boy claimed he remembered the village he lived in during his previous life. It was close enough to travel to, so his family took him there. Once at the town, the boy suddenly remembered what his name was in the past life when he lived there. What’s more astonishing is that he also recalled the murderers first and last name! The boy insisted that his family confront the alleged killer. When they were finally able to track him down, the man looked astonished – as if he’d seen a ghost. He acted rather nervously, but didn’t admit to the crime.

The young boy insisted that he remembered the exact site where the murder had taken place, so his family escorted him there. They grabbed some shovels and began digging. To their amazement, they not only found a body, they also found an ax buried nearby. Sure enough, the skull of the unidentified body showed a fracture in the forehead that perfectly matched up with the murder weapon. Family members slowly turned their gaze from the skull on the ground to the birthmark on the boy’s forehead. It was in the same exact location. The young child’s family eventually confronted the killer with this evidence and he confessed to the crime, which had taken place approximately a decade earlier.

It was tangible proof that the boy had lived before, yet it’s unknown exactly how he was able to remember this information from his previous lifetime. Credibility is given to this story because the events were witnessed by Dr. Eli Lasch. He was involved with the story every step of the way, and saw the skeleton dug up with his own eyes. Dr. Lasch worked in the 1960s as part of the Israeli government and helped develop medical systems near the Gaza region. Dr. Lasch passed away in 2009, but not before he passed this story on to a German author and therapist named Trutz Hardo. The young boy’s story appeared in Hardo’s book titled Children Who Have Lived Before: Reincarnation Today.