The Problem with Predicting the Future

Posted by on Sep 13, 2016

I’ve been a full-time, professional psychic medium for nearly eight years now. I’ve noticed that my intuitive style and even my beliefs have changed a bit since I first began. When I first started, people would ask me to predict their future and I’d do so with the enthusiasm of a kid at summer camp. “What would you like to know?” I’d ask. I’d tell them how many kids they were likely to have, what job opportunities were likely to come their way, and what fate might have in store for them regarding health, money, travel, etc. While I wholeheartedly believe it’s possible to predict the future, the tricky thing about the future is that it’s always changing. A prediction about the future only applies if all things in a person’s life remain equal. The smallest action or decision can drastically alter a person’s life course (for better or worse), thus changing a previously made prediction. When giving psychic predictions, I always remind people of this fact.

Some people find this idea exciting and it reminds them they’re truly in control of steering the ship that is their life. For others, the notion of having so much free will scares the hell out of them because they don’t want to take responsibility for their own lives. They’d rather believe that everything they experience is a byproduct of a preordained destiny. In other words, they don’t want to steer the ship, they just want to be a passenger. The problem with this approach to life is when you’re merely a passenger, nobody is steering the ship, and it tends to bump into things or go off course.

On occasion, individuals have even become frustrated with me during a psychic reading when I explained that I cannot predict every detail of their future because their future hasn’t yet been written. It only makes sense. How am I to predict what a person will do if she herself doesn’t know what she’s going to do? It’s like asking someone to read a book full of blank pages. Again, it’s not impossible to predict the future; but when I intuitively sense the future, it’s merely the most likely end result of a thousand possible paths. Like I said, some of my clients accept this fact and some find it frustrating.

The other thing that I’ve learned about predicting the future is that it really doesn’t help diminish a person’s anxiety. For example, let’s assume that I psychically sense my client’s financial situation will get better in the year 2019. I can relay this information to my client and she would obviously take it as good news. Yet, in the end, that prediction wouldn’t add much happiness to her life. This is due to one simple reason. I can’t prove it. Without a time machine, I cannot fast-forward to the year 2019 and PROVE that her financial situation will improve. I can predict it, but until the year 2019, she’ll still be worrying whether or not my prediction will come true. Therefore, she’ll continue to worry and stress about money like she always has. See what I mean? A prediction really does nothing in terms of elevating a person’s level of happiness. Therefore, the important thing is not predicting the future, but rather learning how to live more contently in the present. Focusing on the past causes us to feel regret and guilt. Focusing on the future makes us feel uneasy with anxiety. Yet, in the present, all things are good. Living in the moment is a major key to happiness. I admit, it’s easier said than done, but it’s a little secret I’ve learned throughout the years.

If you come to see me, I’ll gladly predict your future. I’ll predict the most likely outcomes of various areas of your life. Just promise me you’ll remember that YOU have the power to alter your future for better or for worse. YOU are the navigator of your life’s journey, and the choices you make are far more important than the predictions of any psychic, including myself. I hope this makes sense and gives you a new perspective on the topic of free will. Now get out there and grab life by the scruff of the neck, and mold your life into the best possible reality for yourself. With a positive attitude ownership of your free will, it’s a safe bet to predict you’ll be happy and successful. I wish you well, every step of the way.