In a world filled with uncertainties, I’m usually hesitant to say I’m “certain” about anything. However, reincarnation is an exception. According to the irrefutable evidence I’ve seen, I can say with absolute confidence that all of us have lived on this Earth before . . . and I guarantee we’ll all come back again. It’s a comforting thought, really. It affirms what we’ve always been promised – that our souls are eternal and we survive death. I’ve been a professional psychic medium for around eight years. The most popular aspect of my public gallery readings is when I deliver messages to audience members from their loved ones in Heaven. These types of psychic readings typically produce the “wow” moments that audiences love. But, not many people know that in my private sessions, past life readings are equally popular and can provide moments that will leave you with goose bumps. Here are just a few examples from some of my recent psychic sessions that demonstrates how our past lifetimes can be eerily similar to our current one.

I recently met with a woman I’ll refer to as “Jenny” in order to maintain her confidentiality. I saw images in my mind of Jenny’s past lifetimes and focused on one of them which took place in the country of Hungary several hundreds of years ago. Her son in that lifetime was a strong swimmer, but it gave Jenny anxiety watching him swim because she was scared he was going to drown. One day, he nearly did drown, but he was saved just in time and survived the incident. Watching that happen in her past lifetime was obviously pretty traumatic for Jenny. After describing this past lifetime to her in detail, she shared some feedback with me that was quite astounding. Jenny said that in recent years, she’s actually had dreams of her current son drowning, despite the fact he’s never had a scary incident involving water. These nightmares obviously leave her feeling pretty frazzled. I assured her that her son is safe and won’t drown (after all, he’s now an adult and a strong swimmer). Jenny’s dreams of her son drowning were just a past life fear coming to the surface; her soul’s memory of a close call from a previous lifetime.

Another example comes from a past life session I recently did with a woman I’ll refer to as “Lacy”. In my mind’s eye, I saw images of her living in Ireland in the 1700s. She lived in a picturesque little neighborhood near a church and a park. Her husband wasn’t a nice man in that lifetime. He ended up leaving Lacy and her eight year old son, which was actually a blessing in disguise. She loved gardening and kept a beautiful garden in her back yard. She also loved star-gazing in that past life in Ireland, and was fascinated with the architecture of churches. After describing these scenes from her past life, Lacy’s feedback left me with goose bumps. She reported that in this current lifetime, her husband left her and her son (who was eight at the time – just like in the past lifetime). She said she’s always been fascinated with Ireland . . . and gardening . . . and churches . . . and astronomy/star-gazing. Lacy loves star-gazing so much she apparently took an astronomy classes in recent years just for fun. She informed me that she plans to go to Ireland in the coming years. I told her that going there will cause a tremendous amount of déjà vu and it will truly feel like home to her.

That’s the thing about past lifetimes – they often cause us to feel a sense of familiarity; a homesickness for places we’ve currently never been to. And whether we’re consciously aware of it or not, many of our likes, dislikes, talents, interests, and natural predispositions can be traced back to previous lifetimes. Uncovering these adventures and stories in a psychic reading with me can be tremendously beneficial. After all, in order to have a better sense of direction moving forward, it’s important to know where you’ve been. The same principal is why students take history class in school. If you’re interested in discovering your own reincarnation history, please call my Omaha office and schedule your reading. Whether you’ve been an archer in England, a sailor off the coast of Africa, or a Gladiator in Rome, it’s tremendously fascinating to go down the past life rabbit hole. Until then, happy soul searching, and thanks for reading this blog article.