It always amazes me how similar some of our past lives can be to our current one. In a weird, roundabout way, history often repeats itself. In many of my psychic readings in Omaha (and other cities) I describe to my clients the details of a few of their past lifetimes. I see the images in my mind’s eye, and tell my clients what I see. Past lives aren’t always similar to our current one, but it’s certainly interesting when this happens. The particular psychic reading described below took place just the other night, and it was interesting enough that I decided to type it up and share it with you. Consider this one hot off the press. Mind you, I’ve changed my clients’ names to maintain their confidentiality.

I gave a psychic reading / past life session with “Dale” and I said that in the 1800s somewhere in eastern Missouri, he was a white male whose father was very mean and drank a lot. They lived near Native Americans and were very familiar with their culture. Dale liked it, but dad was racist and wanted nothing to do with the Native Americans. Dad died pretty young and at that time, Dale was essentially taken in by the local Natives because he had pretty much befriended all of them anyway. With time, he essentially abandoned his white culture and immersed himself in the Native traditions, learning their language and living with them. He met a woman (his current wife, who I’ll call Sharon). She was the daughter of a leader of the tribe. They fell in love and eventually got married. Dale’s nickname was “eagle” something in that lifetime but for some reason, he still preferred to be called William which was his given name. He loved eagles in that lifetime and saw them often. He had bad insomnia in that lifetime and couldn’t get comfortable because he had a hip issue that caused lower back pain. He would always go out and night and lie on the ground and look at the stars when he couldn’t sleep. He and his wife had two sons together.

By appearance, Dale seems to be a tough guy; a man’s man. He has a beard and based on his disposition, I assumed maybe he worked in construction or something like that. But during the past life session, he had tears rolling down his face while I told him all of this. I asked him for feedback afterwards, and he informed me of the similarities. First of all, he said in this current lifetime, he is adopted. His father was a mean drunk just like his dad in the lifetime I described. Dale said that he’s always had insomnia due to a lower back problem, and his favorite thing to do in the middle of the night is to step outside and look at the stars. He’s a plumber, and explained that a few years ago, he spent an entire year on the reservation of the Omaha tribe doing a plumbing project. He was paired up with a Native American worker and they hit it off so much that Dale was invited into the reservation to see some sights he was told no white man had ever seen. The tribe took him in and treated him like one of their own. Dale said that one day, he and his work buddy were sitting up on a hill, and a huge eagle flew up and glided just above his head for several minutes – so close he could nearly reach out and touch it. He and his Native American co-worker were really moved, and took it as a spiritual sign (very interesting considering I told Dale how important eagles were in that past life and how “eagle” was even part of his name). He said while he was on the reservation he felt like he was home (now we know why).

Similarities between the past lifetime and Dale’s life today:

  1. Mean, alcoholic father
    2. Unofficially adopted in past life, literally adopted in this life
    3. Lower back pain
    4. Frequent insomnia
    5. Loves star gazing each night
    6. Fascination with eagles
    7. Fascination with Native American culture
    8. Special connection with his wife Sharon.

Of course, there are some differences between his life back then and Dale’s life now. I believe that even when two lifetimes are similar, there are enough differences to give us a brand new experience each time. Likewise, if you went to Disney World five different times, it’s a big enough place that you might have a slightly difference experience each time you went there.

I love discussing past lifetimes and offering those sessions for those interested. We’ve always been taught that there’s life after death. The notion of reincarnation supports this idea. It merely takes it a step further by suggesting there’s not only life after death; there’s life before life. We truly are eternal beings, but our existence is circular, not linear. We come back time and time again, evolving into better versions of ourselves and crossing paths with people we’ve known before.