During most of my psychic readings, I tap into my client’s past lifetimes via the images that I see. It’s not a past life regression and it’s not hypnotherapy, but it’s as if I see these past life images like the trailer of an upcoming movie – these “videos” in my mind’s eye include the highlights of any given lifetime such as where a person lived, what time period it was, the ups and downs, and what their name was in that lifetime. The other day during a session, a very interesting synchronicity emerged.

I was speaking with a young man who wanted some information about his brother. I began seeing images of his brother being into martial arts in a past lifetime where he was skilled at the fighting style known as Muay Thai (it’s a popular form of martial arts in Thailand and certain parts of Asia where fighters utilize their knees and elbows in their attacks). I explained that my client’s brother had to retire when he was in his prime in that past lifetime because he was having so many problems with discomfort in his right hip.

My client suddenly looked amazed, and explained a few odd similarities. “My brother is currently training to be a UFC fighter, and the fighting style he’s specialized in is Muay Thai,” he told me. I was admittedly a little shocked at that synchronicity. “Just goes to show our present life can be oddly similar to our past,” I replied.

My client continued by saying, “Yeah, and the really strange part is that he’s had to take some time off from his Muay Thai training recently because his right hip has been bothering him – just like it apparently did in his past life, too.”

I smiled and shook my head in disbelief. It was a case of history repeating itself. I have a hard time chalking this up to a mere coincidence. Out of all the fighting styles out there, his brother had gravitated back to the same form of martial arts from his past lifetime. And, out of all the physical ailments of all the body parts, he just so happens to be dealing with the same right hip issue that kept him from fighting in his past lifetime. I sincerely hope his brother is on the mend soon and can pursue his career as a professional martial artist. In the meantime, I’ll take this as further confirmation that we’ll all lived before. Certainly, some of our likes, talents, preferences, and physical set-backs can carry through into our current lifetime from previous ones. It’s not far-fetched to think that parts of your current personality are left-over from previous incarnation. What do YOU think? Please leave your opinion on my Facebook page and join in the conversation.