Omaha Metaphysical Network

Posted by on Sep 26, 2016

Psychic readings. Intuitive development. Dream interpretation. Past lifetimes. Guardian angels. Miracles, mysteries, and UFOs. What do all these topics have in common? They’re all things we discuss at the Omaha Metaphysical Network. The meetings take place in Omaha, but people from Council Bluffs, Lincoln, and small towns throughout Nebraska flock to our get-togethers. I formed the group in 2008 and facilitate each meeting. We refer to the group as the OM Network (OM is short for Omaha Metaphysical), which is very appropriate considering “OM” is an ancient word for “God”, and at our core, we’re a spiritual group of people. I organized the group out of sheer necessity, in order for people to discuss these common interests without the fear of ridicule. Those fascinated with spirituality, metaphysics, and the paranormal often feel very isolated because there aren’t many “safe” places to discuss these topics.

Leading up to the first meeting back in 2008, I was admittedly a bit nervous. I wasn’t sure if the strangers attending would be “normal” or a little on the weird side. Then again, what’s the definition of “normal”, right? You know what I mean. I wanted the vibes inside the group to be positive, and I was hoping devil-worshipers wouldn’t show up and try to make others “drink the Kool-Aid”. Thankfully, 99% of those who have attended the group over the years have been wonderfully positive (and eccentric, and interesting, and kind, and extremely intelligent). The meetings are open to the public and it doesn’t cost anything to attend. We regularly welcome teachers, doctors, accountants, lawyers, artists, business people, and those who practice every religion imaginable. We’re a very eclectic bunch, and we’re proud of our diversity.

Attendance at each meeting fluctuates anywhere between 12 to 40 people, but there are around 800 members of the OM Network in total. There’s no set agenda for the meetings. It’s a free-flowing river of interesting conversations and stories. I’m simply there to ensure the balance between talkers and listeners remains even, but I’ll chime in with some interesting stories every now and again. Simply put, the group is probably the best thing I’ve ever organized. It’s the most kind-hearted group of old souls you could ever hope to meet. If you’re wondering why the meeting dates and times are not listed on my public events calendar, it’s because the group has always remained incognito. We’re underground and like it that way. We like to maintain a low profile to ensure that attendees have positive energy and are open-minded. Therefore, I’ll personally invite people to the group but don’t publically advertise for it. It’s not a self-help support group, but it IS the place to be if you’re into all things spiritual and supernatural. Maybe I’ll see you there sometime. If you don’t currently receive invitations to the meetings, give my office a call, and we’ll see what we can do about that.