Many of you might not know this about me – but I’m a total movie buff. I don’t claim to know the names of every actor, actress, and director in Hollywood, but I have a strange knack for remembering the year that certain movies were released. I can often recall the exact location I was at when I saw a film for the first time. In a way – movies are like a drug in that they temporarily take us out of our reality and into a different world. I happen to love my life, but it’s always fun to lose myself in a movie and be swept away on the emotional rollercoaster ride of a fictional story. In line with my professional genre – I thought it would be fun to write a blog about some of my favorite metaphysical, spiritual, paranormal, and philosophically-deep movies. If you’ve attended my lectures over the years or are half-way open minded to the spiritual realms – you’ll probably enjoy some of these movies. Keep in mind, I’m only including a very brief description/opinion about each one. In no particular order . . .

  1. The Adjustment Bureau – Matt Damon and Emily Blunt should owe me some royalties from this movie since I’m a walking billboard for this film. I recommend it to EVERYONE! It’s the closest depiction of guardian angels / spirit guides that I’ve ever seen in a movie. It’s about two people who fall in love but their guardian angels say it’s not part of their destiny to be together, so the guardian angels do whatever they can to separate the two love birds. I won’t spoil the ending, but it’s absolutely worth watching!
  2. Hereafter – Matt Damon makes the list again with what I believe is the closest depiction to what it’s actually like to be a psychic medium. This movie is not cheesy or overdone. What it lacks in bells and whistles it makes up for with a good story line and lots of emotion. There’s an opening scene that’s pretty intense though – so just be prepared for that.
  3. Cloud Atlas – don’t go cross-eyed trying to figure it out the first time you watch it. Simply put, it’s a movie about past lives, current lives, and future lives that are shared between the same group of characters. It’s basically four or five lifetimes sliced into pieces, and then shuffled back together like a deck of cards. The movie jumps between lifetimes from scene to scene, but if you pay attention, it’s a phenomenal example of karma and reincarnation on the grandest scale! Tom Hanks and Hallie Barry are top notch! Spoiler alert: Tom Hanks wasn’t reunited with his volleyball Wilson in a future lifetime 🙂
  4. Sphere – this one is a mind-bender. It has spiritual undertones and involves the power of the human mind (both for good and for bad). Are aliens controlling their minds? Watch and find out!
  5. Winter’s Tale – the twist at the end will blow your socks off! It’s about soul mates, fate, destiny, and wishes that come true. Russel Crowe is a bad guy, and Will Smith plays the Devil himself. The movie includes a horse that flies, but is actually less science fiction than you would assume. Top notch film! Bring tissues though.
  6. Push – Dakota Fanning and her sidekick are on the run from corrupt psychics and people who have superhuman abilities. It’s a bit fantastical but worth a view if you’re not expecting an Oscar-level script. Highly entertaining!
  7. Crash – Loaded with amazing actors and actresses! Crash is a story of karma and how we’re all living lives that are intricately woven together. By the end of the movie, you’ll come to love characters who you initially hated and will come to dislike other characters who you thought were good. The movie proves that perhaps there’s good and bad within each person. It will pull at your heartstrings like few other movies can, and it’s extremely intense at times.
  8. Happy – this is actually a documentary I found on Netflix. It made be misty-eyed with hope and inspiration. It’s about people from around the world and how the people of various cultures find happiness. You’ll have a permanent smile on your face once this film is over.
  9. Interstellar – a recent film starring Matthew McConaughey. Earth is becoming a wasteland and astronauts leave our planet in search of a new home. This one is unique because the science in the movie actually checks out. It’s the closest representation to real life physics and interstellar travel that Hollywood has ever attempted to pull off. Highly emotional, and the ending will leave you shaking your head it’s so amazing. Fun fact – when I saw this movie in theaters, one of the main speakers was blown out and rattling. Towards the end of the movie, I understood why. Interstellar contains the loudest scene I’ve ever seen at a movie. You’ll want to crank the volume down so you don’t wake up the neighbors when you watch that scene.
  10. In Time – Justin Timberlake stars in a futuristic movie where money is no longer a mode of currency and has been replaced by time itself. Once the clock on a person’s futuristic “fit bit” reaches zero – they’re dead. Everyone is struggling to find more time, and it’s a matter of life or death. Like most movies, it contains mild violence at times, but overall this movie is in a category all its own because the concept is so original. Unique. Gritty. Amazing!

There are plenty of other movies I could suggest as well, but perhaps we’ll leave those for a future blog. Happy viewing, and I hope you enjoy these movies as much as I have.