Angels are kind of like candy or ice-cream. They’re great, and everyone loves them. And that’s why I selected angels as a focal point for my third book which has just been officially released. It was four years in the making and is called Not Your Average Angel Book. You can order your copy right here through my website or on If you like angel-related stories, this book is an essential addition to your collection. And for those who are new to the subjects of angels or psychic abilities or spirit guides, this book will be a good starting point. It’s down to earth and includes lots of humorous parts that should put a smile on your face. At any rate, you might not know the story behind the creation of the book itself. So here it is – ten facts about my angels book that I’ve never shared before.

  1. Although this book is the third one I’ve released, it was actually the second one I wrote. Publishing this angels book was such a long process that while it was processing, I wrote, published and released another one titled Inspiration: A to Z. Therefore, my second book is really my third book and my third book is actually my second book.
  2. My angels book is published by Ozark Mountain Publishing. Ironically, just a couple months after being notified they would be my publishers, I actually travelled to the Ozark Mountains to take part in a professional Bigfoot expedition (those stories might be including in a future book).
  3. Not Your Average Angel Book was initially just a small chapter within another book I wrote. I decided to scrap the 300 page manuscript and took the chapter on angels and expanded it into its very own book – hence Not Your Average Angel Book was born.
  4. At the last minute, I wanted to change the title to An Angel for Every Occasion. However, my publishers wanted to stick with my original title idea, so we kept it as Not Your Average Angel Book. They thought it had a better ring to it.
  5. I had the book proof read many times by various sources, and many of my proof readers reported a drastic increase in spirit visits, synchronicity, and guardian angel activity while they were editing my work.
  6. The book actually has a lot of useful content on past lives and reincarnation since the subjects of guardian angels and past lives are very much intertwined. Therefore, it’s kind of a two-for-one special.
  7. The book is dedicated to my wife, Kenzie Myers. I gave her the very first paperback copy when my first shipment of books arrived. Ironically, her signed copy went missing for several weeks – completely vanished into thin air off of our kitchen counter. It later turned up in the basement in a pile of miscellaneous items. We just found it recently, so Kenzie still hasn’t had a chance to read it yet.
  8. The initial manuscript was 302 pages long. All the content remained the same after editing, but when formatted into paperback, it ended up being 191 pages. It’s rather deceptive in that it looks like a rather quick read but it’s actually a pretty lengthy book.
  9. One of the endorsements on the back cover is by none other than Chip Coffey – an internationally acclaimed medium and TV psychic who has appeared on dozens of television shows. My family and I became friends with Chip Coffey when we flew him into Omaha to conduct some psychic events at my facility. He’s a great guy with a great heart, and is quite possibly the funniest man I’ve ever met (not to mention, highly intuitive). I’m very honored and humbled and star-struck to have his name on my back cover. I feel like Wayne or Garth in that scene from the movie Wayne’s World where they bow down in front of their favorite rock star and repeatedly say, “We’re not worthy. We’re not worthy.”
  10. The book includes many shocking true stories and instances involving guardian angels that have taken place in my office with my clients. Being a psychic medium is kind of like being a police officer – there’s never a dull moment and you come home with a lot of cool stories to share.

Happy reading, and please feel free to leave a positive review on Amazon if you’ve read the book and enjoyed it. I’ll keep the books coming, and am already working on books number four and five simultaneously. Have a great day, everyone.