If you’re looking for a psychic reading from me, you must be prepared for any and all messages your loved ones in Heaven may deliver. My psychic services are direct and honest. I always relay information with tact and empathy, but I am a straight shooter. I don’t omit information just because it’s potentially embarrassing or uncomfortable. Here’s a humorous example – just one of many I could give you.

While reading a client named Laurie, her father came through from the Other Side with one particular message I was hesitant to relay. First, he mentally and visually gave me images of large eighteen-wheelers and told me he used to be a truck driver when he was alive. I delivered this information to Laurie, and she confirmed it to be true. She said her dad wasn’t a big guy, but he could steer a big rig with the best of ‘em.

Then came the embarrassing part. “Um, your dad also says that being a truck driver was a ‘pain in his ass,’ and he means that literally.” I was embarrassed to ask, but I inquired if Laurie’s dad suffered from hemorrhoids.

In shock, she placed her hands over her mouth. I could see a hint of a smile through her fingers. Laurie’s mom, who was also in the room with us, belted out, “Did he have hemorrhoids? Oh, God yes! He never shut up about it!”

An explosion of laughter erupted from Laurie and her mom. They weren’t laughing about the pain he endured. They merely thought it was funny he would mention the very same issue that he complained about for decades. Laurie’s mom joked that when her husband’s hemorrhoids were flaring up, he often became a “pain in the butt,” as he was cranky and short-tempered. I assured them both that, in Heaven, he no longer has to spend hours behind the wheel of a big rig, and that his tushie was no longer a nuisance for him.