Well, the votes are in! According to the Facebook poll from last night, the majority of you asked for this blog to be about how I discovered I was psychic. It’s not really an overly-dramatic story, but I hope you find some of it relevant to your own experiences. I remember being a child and having several occurrences where I knew what was going to happen before it happened. It was mostly simple things such as knowing who was calling when the phone was ringing, or knowing what a person was about to do or say next.
As a child, I would sometimes sense the presence of a spirit in the room with me. Rarely did this scare me, but sometimes the presence would cause me to feel a bit anxious. I remember being around ten years old when my sister’s best friend Tina passed away. I kept the pamphlet to Tina’s funeral lying flat on my dresser, and I looked at it daily. One day, I came back into my bedroom and the pamphlet/flyer was standing upright against a trinket on my dresser. As a child, I was very meticulous about the decorations in my bedroom. Everything had its place, and so it was very obvious to me when something had been moved. I logically asked my sister, mom, and other family members if anyone had been in my bedroom or touched Tina’s funeral card. Everyone insisted they had not, so I concluded it was perhaps a sign from Tina that she made it safely to Heaven.
I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences as well, haven’t you? We’re all prone to getting signs and messages from our loved ones in Heaven (and, those of us who look for signs are more likely to find them and appreciate it when it happens). As time progressed, these little spiritual and intuitive moments continued to happen. My mom reports that as a child, I was very sensitive to the feelings of others. I demonstrated high levels of empathy and compassion. I was a very emotional kid, always wearing my heart on my sleeve, and I was always pretty comfortable talking about feelings. I guess this makes sense, because as an adult, I’ve observed that most intuitive children are highly sensitive and in-tuned with the feelings of others. In most ways though, I was no different than other children. I ran around with underwear on my head, made fart noises, rode my bike, and played in the dirt.
Throughout my teenage years and into my early 20s, I would often have precognitive dreams (dreams that would later come true in real life). As I’ve done my psychic homework, I now realize this is a sign that a person is highly intuitive. When intuition goes unused, it often builds up and is released by accidentally having visions of future events in our dreams. These dreams were typically rather mundane – for example, I would dream of the score of a soccer game that was yet to take place, and when I’d watch the game on television the next day, it unfolded exactly as I had dreamed it. You think this little ability would have allowed me to make some money in Las Vegas. Call me crazy, but I’ve never been much of a gambler.
In 2006, I had a spiritual experience that rocked me to my very core. It was a vision of sorts where I communicated with a presence who felt like God. I was given the choice to cross over into Heaven and be reunited with my loved ones, or I could stay here on Earth. I nearly chose to cross over, but at the last second I told God that my work here on Earth wasn’t finished and that I still had many people left to help. At this instant, my floating spirited jolted back into my physical body and I “woke up” from this experience. In hindsight, many aspects of this occurrence are typically found in near death experiences, and I do believe I was on the verge of passing away (I was half asleep when this happened, and at the time I had a very serious case of sleep apnea – which can be fatal). I’ll never fully understand what happened to me that night, but I remember telling God adamantly that I had big things to accomplish here on Earth and lots of people to help. I now view that night as the most pivotal experience of my entire life.
At the time, I was using my social work degree and was a counselor for teens in a drug rehabilitation facility. As I pondered what these “big things” were that I was supposed to accomplish in order to help others, I notice my intuition (my psychic abilities) had been greatly increased. I continued to have dreams that came true, but I was also sensing things about strangers while I was out in public. I was feelings, sensing, seeing, and hearing intuitive insights about random people I’d cross paths with at the gym, grocery store, at work, etc. I felt like I was going crazy. I slowly opened up to close friends and select family members about what I was experiencing, and this helped a bit – if for no other reason it simply allowed me to feel less bonkers. I think we all have an inner-desire feel less strange and more accepted by those we love, don’t we?
A little more time went by, and I was having lunch at an Applebee’s restaurant with some friends. I began to get psychic vibes from the waiter who was serving my table. To be more specific, I sensed that she was very good at interior decorating and that she had a three year old boy at home who was the light of her life. I shared this with my friends at the table, and they insisted I check with the waitress to verify the information as accurate. I was too bashful to play along with this little game, and just wanted to leave after we paid our bill. Well, one thing led to another, and my friends stole my car keys. They refused to let me leave until I marched over to the waitress and tested my psychic senses. Mind you, this was before the days of the Long Island Medium and other psychic shows; well before it was common place to bombard complete strangers with psychic musings.
With a face as red as a Valentine’s Day card, I embarrassingly asked her if what I had sensed was correct. She looked at me very strangely, but conceded that she’d recently graduated with an Interior Design degree, and validating that she did in fact have a little boy at home who was three years old (just as I had sensed). I was pleasantly surprised my hunch was correct, but it was an awkward conversation. I was nervous and antsy to leave (kind of like when a husband is coaxed into the lingerie section with his wife). I dashed out of Applebee’s with a newfound curiosity in my intuition; maybe even a newfound confidence in it. Apparently, my recent “near death” experience had jarred something loose within my soul. My psychic senses had been boosted.
I began to read books on psychic and spiritual subjects to satisfy my metaphysical curiosity. I devoured any reading I could get my hands on, and must have read two books each week for several months. This literature helped me make sense of the experiences I’d been having my whole life. It provided me with terms, definitions, and testimonials of people who’d experienced what I had been through.
One thing led to another and I began to give psychic readings to my sister’s friends – just for fun and just for practice. As my understanding of my psychic abilities grew, so did the accuracy of the information I delivered. Those who had received psychic readings from me began to spread the word to others, and before I knew it, this hobby had turned into a part time job. Shortly thereafter, I was given the opportunity to appear on Omaha’s most popular radio station (Q98.5 FM). I jumped head first into the gig and started giving psychic readings live on the air. Admittedly, the first time I appeared on live radio I was as nervous as a turkey right before Thanksgiving. But, I stayed with it, and like anything else, it began more natural and easy with time. I always reminded myself that it was all part of the plan to help and reach as many people as possible, which is why I told God I wanted to stay here in the first place (during that near death experience).
I still make appearances on Q98.5 radio in Omaha (on the last Friday of each month), and I’ve been fortunate to branch out and appear on other radio stations around the country to give readings and talk about spiritual subjects. Inevitably, I do a lot of public speaking nowadays related to angels, ghosts, reincarnation, spirit guides, and the afterlife. I remember being around seven year old, and my mom and aunt were watching some sort of inspirational speaker on T.V. who was talking about angels in front of a large audience. I stopped in front of the television just long enough to hear what the man was speaking about, and I thought to myself, “I’m going to do that for a living someday.” The thought was gone as quickly as it came, and I pranced off to play Nintendo with my brother without a care in the world.
Maybe it was my destiny to be a psychic medium and spiritual speaker. Perhaps when I saw that inspirational speaker on T.V., it triggered my soul’s recollection of my fate; a precursor of things to come. Then again, I’ve always claimed that my destiny was not to become a psychic medium. My destiny is simply to help, uplift, and inspire as many people as possible during my lifetime. Being a psychic medium, author, and speaker just so happens to be the means by which I accomplish that goal of helping others.
So, there’s my “twelve items or less” story of how I came to realize I was psychic. See, I told you it wasn’t overly dramatic. But, it sure has been an interesting journey to say the least. I’m sure you could tell me just as many stories of your premonitions, signs from Heaven, and precognitive dreams. I’d love to hear those tales sometime. Honestly, I would! I believe we’re all intuitive on some level. Even those who don’t claim to be highly psychic still possess intuition deep down in the cellar of their soul. We each have a unique intuition, and the journey to discover that sixth sense is a long and winding one. I wish you well as you wander down your own psychic path. Thanks for keeping up with my blog. Maybe I’ll see you at Applebee’s sometime.

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