Back in October, I made an important announcement regarding the services I offer. I’ve gotten word that some people mistook the announcement to mean I’m no longer doing readings anymore. This is inaccurate and untrue. I’m staying as busy as ever with psychic readings – I have small group sessions and private readings available for those interested in the following areas: life coaching, family issues, future predictions, relationship guidance, health insights, career advice, information on kids and family, direction moving forward, past life readings, information on guardian angels, and so much more!

The change I set in place in October is simply that I’m no longer offering mediumship services in my private readings or small group sessions. A medium session is where I relay messages from people who have passed away. If you’re looking for comfort, validation, and messages from loved ones in Heaven, you’ll have to attend one of my “Heaven on Earth” Gallery Readings, as that’s the only place I’ll be offering medium services. I offer those events in Omaha/Elkhorn every other month and throughout the year in cities nationwide.

This was a necessary change that was frankly long overdue. Conducting medium sessions is tremendously rewarding and faith affirming, but much like a trauma therapist or grief counselor, it regularly exposes me to grieving families who have been devastated by recent losses. This is emotionally taxing, and after immersing myself in this field for nearly a decade, I knew it was time to pull back for the sake of my own mental health. Taking a break from the pain and sadness of the death process will allow me more energy to help my clients focus on life. And that’s why I still have psychic readings and life coaching sessions available for those who are interested in other aspects of the psychic process, such as the topics listed above. I hope this clarifies my change of services, and perhaps there will once again come a time in the future where I offer medium readings in one-on-one sessions. As always, call my office if you have any questions, and thanks so much for your support.