Angel on the sky holding a red heart

I have four guardian angels, and my wife has five. We trade them back and forth like kids used to do with baseball cards. When I have a challenging day ahead of me and need some extra spiritual guidance, I’ll ask to borrow two or three of Kenzie’s guides. I promise to return them by midnight, and agree to pay the late fee if I forget to give them back.

Actually, unlike a rented movie you’ve forgotten to return for the past week, our guides typically find their way “back home” on their own. My wife’s guardian angels will always return to her on time, but they sure do come in handy when I need an extra coach on my sidelines of life.

I sometimes wonder why she got five and I’m stuck with only four guardian angels. Maybe I got shortchanged. It’s like I got the small piece of birthday cake while she got the big one with all the frosting. I guess it could be worse, though. Some of us don’t even have four guides. I’ve met people who only have two or three. There are many factors that determine how many spiritual survival experts are needed to guide us through the jungles of our lives.

The length of your lifetime plays a part in determining how many guardian angels you’ll need. Sometimes, the longer you’re here, the more helpers are required. If you’re going to put a lot of miles on your odometer, you may require more “mechanics”. Various guardian angels will swoop in and offer help during different phases of your life. If you live to be 90 years old, I guarantee your life will look differently from one chapter to the next. Circumstances will change from your 70s to your 80s just like they did from your 20s to your 30s. As you change and evolve, so do the guides who intervene to help you.

Yes, it’s true we all have a definitive number of guardian angels assigned to us. They typically cycle in and out of our lives as needed, depending on what we’re going through. You may have five spirit guides in total, but at any particular phase of your life, you might only have two or three of them actively helping you.
If you only have two or three guardian angels in total, please don’t hit the panic button thinking you have a short life expectancy. Having a limited number of guides doesn’t sign your death warrant. You may very well live to be 100 years old. Having fewer guides could indicate you’re actually an old soul. Old souls typically have an abundance of wisdom (usually from past life experiences). Old souls are seasoned veterans of this “game of life”. Because of this, they sometimes require less assistance and have fewer guardian angels.

I once read a lady named Cassie whose guardian angels cracked me up. She only had three of them. I could hear them loud and clear, and her guides said it would be futile for Cassie to have more spirit guides, because she doesn’t even listen to the ones she already has. Her guides delivered this message with love and compassion (and a hint of sarcasm). It was well-received, as Cassie herself was a bit sassy. She was admittedly strong-willed and stubborn. Cassie agreed she’d never been one to take advice or need much pampering. Three guides would suffice for her.

Have you ever walked into a furniture mart or electronics store that was not very busy? It’s amazing how much personal care and attention you get from sales employees when you’re one of just a few customers present. They’ll greet you at the door, offer assistance, and tell you about sales they have going on. A wave of déjà-vu washes over you as each sales associate you pass has the same smile on his face and says the same thing. “Have you been helped yet?” You explain that you’re just looking, and will notify the army of sales persons should you have any questions.

They certainly mean well, don’t they? The store employees are practically tripping over themselves to make sure you’re attended to. You’re outnumbered six-to-one. Whether you have a question, need a tissue, or require a compliment about your outfit, they’ll be there in a jiffy. As long as they’re not too pushy, you could get used to this five-star personal service. You feel special.

This little scenario is what it must feel like to have six or seven guardian angels. If you have enough guardian angels to form a hockey team, consider yourself fortunate. If you’re prone to health issues, you probably have a guide who gives you boosts of energy while recovering from the flu. Prone to relationship drama, you say? No problem. You’ve got a spirit guide helping you deal with your husband, should he forget your anniversary. Lacking patience? Fear not. You’ve got a guy for that. Your “patience” spirit guide will prevent you from blowing a gasket at the airport lost luggage counter.

There are endless scenarios and circumstances that determine how many spirit guides a person is assigned. Through the millennia, we’ve all spanned the spectrum, living simple lifetimes, and ones that were crazier than a squirrel at a walnut festival. Therefore, we’ve lived lifetimes where we needed a boatload of helpers, and other lives in which two or three guides were sufficient.

Whether you have countless helpers or merely have a “dynamic duo,” I promise you have just the right number of spirit guides. There must be the equivalent of angel mathematicians up in Heaven who help determine the perfect number of guides we’ll need. I bet they crunch the numbers, account for the variables, and help us come up with our “magic number.” If you’ve only got two, enjoy them to the fullest. If your guides are more plentiful than pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving, rest assured there’s strength in numbers.