Rick was a client of mine a few years ago. He and his girlfriend came to my office. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. Let me correct myself. Rick was dragged to my office by his girlfriend, who insisted he needed a reading with me in order to connect with his deceased father. Rick had a gentle demeanor and seemed to be a sensitive man. But he was new to the whole psychic thing, and he was clearly a bit nervous. His girlfriend, on the other hand, was on the edge of her seat. She was already a believer but wanted Rick to have his own experience – his own “wow” moment.

Rick didn’t look like a motorcycle kind of guy. Sure, you can never judge a book by its cover. But, Rick seemed like the type of guy who would drive an immaculately clean, fuel-efficient, Volkswagen Jetta. He was done up in a freshly ironed, button-down shirt, and shoes so shiny they doubled as mirrors. You can imagine my surprise, when, in the middle of this reading, Rick’s deceased father came through to me, and wanted me to mention that Rick had just bought a new motorcycle.

Wondering if I had “crossed my psychic wires,” I hesitantly offered this information to Rick. Showing little emotion, he shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head in agreement. I added, “And, your dad says it’s a Harley, because you have to have the biggest and best of everything.”

Rick agreed, and could no longer hold back his smile. He had, in fact, just bought a Harley Davidson! His girlfriend was as animated as a Disney character. She clapped for joy and laughed out loud, as she proclaimed to her motorcycle-driving boyfriend, “I told you your dad would come through. I told you!” She lovingly elbowed him in the ribs. He rolled his eyes and chuckled.

Yes, Rick’s dad must have seen him buy the Harley-Davidson the week before Rick’s reading with me. Deep down, I think even non-believers want to believe. Sometimes, a little message from Heaven can go a long way in boosting a person’s faith in the afterlife. The truth is, our loved ones in Heaven can see what we’re up to on a daily basis. They see us shop and they know when we’ve made purchases, both big and small. I went on to relay dozens of messages from Rick’s dad. He shared family memories, inside jokes, and conversations that Rick and his girlfriend had earlier that week. It was heartwarming to see Rick’s grief melt away; to see a twinkle in his eyes. And that’s why I continue to do my job. It’s just as rewarding for me as it is for my clients.