It doesn’t take a psychic medium or a spiritual guru to sense the weird vibes in the atmosphere lately. For months leading up to the presidential election (and even now – several weeks later), there are some pretty tense vibes in the air. Whether you’re in Omaha, Orlando, or Oshkosh, you’ve probably been feeling a bit wonky, too. Emotionally and intuitively, we all have an invisible, psychic satellite dish above our heads that inadvertently picks up signals. We’re not only picking up energetic signals from those we’re around, we’re also absorbing energy from the collective consciousness of planet Earth. Simply put, when the world as a whole is feeling tense, angry, and off-kilter, we feel that on a personal level as well. This, combined with the approaching holidays has everyone’s anxiety and stress levels higher than Willie Nelson on a Friday night.

I bet you’ve felt it too, haven’t you? So what can a person do to combat this feeling of uncertainly; this feeling of impending doom; this feeling that all is not right in the world? While there’s no easy answer, I’d like to suggest that finding happiness and peace of mind is merely a matter of doing the little things right. Happiness and contentment are not dependent on you doing one, specific thing. Overcoming the depressing vibes you’re feeling is a matter of doing a hundred little things that add up to one big shift in mentality. Eat reasonably well, squeeze in some exercise a few times a week, surround yourself with good company and avoid draining individuals, pray, meditate, laugh often, try not to take life too seriously, and make sure to get your beauty sleep.

While all of these suggestions are easier said than done, they’re all part of the recipe to overcome anxiety, depression, and the holiday blues. Try not to spend too much time reading doomsday articles on social media. Don’t believe everything you read, and equally important . . . don’t believe everything you THINK. Our minds have a funny way of messing with our souls. Not every self-defeating, negative thought you have is actually true. I can’t promise that every aspect of our political future will be sunshine and rainbows. I can’t promise that bad things will stop happening around the world. I can’t promise that life will magically get easier next week. But I CAN promise that love, happiness, and kindness are more contagious than the common cold. Joy has a funny way of rubbing off on people.

It’s entirely possible to tip the scales back in our favor and make the world a more loving place to call home. It starts with you and it begins with simple decisions. Please don’t give up. Don’t stop believing the world is a beautiful place. Spread around happiness and share your smile with others. Sometimes happiness doesn’t come naturally, but it’s entirely possible to “fake it until you make it”. Meanwhile, the world will keep spinning and life will keep moving forward. Make today count, and create a little bit of Heaven on Earth in your own little world. You might just discover that you have more happiness than you actually need, and you’ll have enough left over to share it with others. That’s my wish for you. God bless.