I travel often to conduct psychic shows in cities around the country. Every time I’m on the road (and even sometimes when I’m in my home city of Omaha) I see and experience things that make me laugh – memorable and unexpected happenings that stick with me for years to come. Some are related to my work as a psychic medium, but some of these oddball occurrences simply happened while travelling to or from the event itself . . .

  1. One time while doing a “Heaven on Earth” Gallery Reading in Kansas City, a staff member from the hotel came up to me after the show and said, “Hey, are you Andy Myers? Are you the psychic?” He looked frazzled and stressed. I said, “Yes, how can I help you?” The hotel employee explained that there had been a little problem with their microphone system I was using – and my show hadn’t just been projected through the speakers in my ballroom, but had been projected through the overhead speakers throughout much of the hotel. The issue only lasted for a few minutes, but during that time everyone heard the messages I was relaying from the spirit world.
  2. There was the time my wife and I were driving to Denver for my event, and saw a truck on the field next to the interstate that had rolled over and caught fire – and caught the field of prairie grass on fire as well. Nobody was injured and a crowd of people were standing about 200 yards from the toppled truck. Emergency vehicles were quickly approaching from the other lane of the interstate. I hit the accelerator and gunned it past the flaming truck – which was near the shoulder of the road. I was worried that its gas tank would explode as we drove past it. Knowing that the emergency vehicles were nearly there and knowing nobody was injured, I wanted to get out of there as fast as possible before they closed off the interstate. Thankfully, the vehicle didn’t blow up as we whizzed by at 90 miles per hour.
  3. At that same event in Denver, we were offered brownies from one of the attendees. She was a bit eccentric and free-spirited. My wife and I politely declined, thinking they might actually be brownies laced with pot. Eating one of those little sweets might have made my psychic readings extra interesting, but I wasn’t about to take any chances.
  4. Coming back from my psychic event in Minneapolis or Denver (I can’t remember) we hit such a bad storm that I couldn’t see anything out of the wind shield because there was too much rain! I was driving blind, but I managed to slowly get off the interstate and we had to wait out the storm on some gravel road.
  5. When booking an event in Nashville, my staff discovered that the hotel events coordinator was very curious about psychic mediums and messages from Heaven. She had just lost her sister in recent months, so we offered her a free ticket to come to the event. She showed up and I relayed some meaningful and comforting messages from her sister. I guessed we picked the right hotel in Nashville, as that lady really needed to hear those messages. Everything happens for a reason.
  6. My most recent “Heaven on Earth” event in Denver was in late April. I thought we’d booked that show late enough in the springtime that snow and bad weather wouldn’t be a factor. Boy, was I wrong! It started snowing one hour before the start of my show and it didn’t stop snowing for 24 hours – it dumped a foot of snow on the city, but fortunately it didn’t stick well on the streets so my audience didn’t have much trouble coming to or from my event.
  7. While giving psychic readings at one of my Omaha events, I was connecting with an audience member who suffered from severe back problems and muscle issues. At the half time break of the gallery reading, we gave away some prizes from raffles and drawings to audience members. One lady won a massage coupon, and decided to give it to the other lady in the audience who was suffering from back issues. It was a very heartwarming and selfless moment. The whole audience applauded.
  8. At another one of my events in Omaha – I think it was my psychic development lecture – a news anchor from a local news station arrived to film part of the event and to interview me afterward. She hooked me up to a wireless microphone system before my lecture began. I needed to use the restroom before the start of the show, but forgot I was hooked up to the mic which was set to “record”. Long story short, the news anchor got some good audio of me urinating. What can I say? All dignity goes out the window when you’re in the public eye.

Good times and lasting memories . . . I’m sure I’ll have many more of these to share in the years to come. In the coming months, I have events planned for Des Moines, Portland, Milwaukee, and Boston. I hope those go off without a hitch, but I’ll report back to you any strange things occur at these events. Thanks for reading. Take care.