I’m super excited to be traveling to Fort Myers in a few days for my “Heaven on Earth” Gallery Reading. It’s always mixed emotions when I leave town for a publicly advertised event, because I secretly hope it’s not enticing for potential robbers. Then again, my house is as locked and secure as Fort Knox. Our security system offers some peace of mind for sure. Plus, my neighbors are always outside and would notice any funny business. PLUS, I always envision angels around my property for extra protection. And, not just any angels – the tough ones like Saint Michael who wield double-edged swords and don’t take any crap. PLUS, we have a dog . . . and house sitters dropping in randomly to check up on things. At any rate, it’s not good to live in fear, so I’ll just have faith that our house will be okay while we’re gone. It’s been years since I’ve been to Florida. I’m excited to make some new clients and new connections out there. I’m sure the locals will be super nice. As always, I’ve procrastinated on getting ready. Tomorrow will be all about getting caught up on laundry and packing. I’m bound to forget to pack something. Trust me, being intuitive doesn’t make up for the fact that I’m often forgetful and absent-minded. I’ll surely pack sunscreen as I’m very much Irish and seem to share genetics with ice cream cones in that I melt in the sun. Alas, it’s the cross I have to carry in this lifetime. But, some time on the beach will still be fun. I’ve seen Shark Week too many times to go more than ankle deep in the Pacific. You don’t have to be intuitive to know there are man-eaters lurking on those waters. Okay, truthfully most shark attacks are by sharks that are only two or three feet long, but still . . . I’m not taking any chances. I’m a land-lover who resides in the belly button of this fine country, and I’m not trusting of unfamiliar waters. Nevertheless, it will be a fun trip, even if I don’t swim in the ocean. Building sand castles on the beach is just as fun! I’ll be sure to pack my intuition. That’s the most important thing. Fort Myers, here we come!