This is an excerpt from my upcoming book, which includes true stories of angels and angelic intervention.

. . . One such account came from a client named Justine Sasaki. She’s granted me permission to use her real name in this story. Justine and her husband Sean have two young children together. Justine reported that one evening, she was particularly irritable because she’d had a rough day. She was in the kitchen making dinner for everyone, and managed to spill a bowl of pasta on the floor. This was a fitting end to a bad day, and it might have sent Justine over the top had it not been for what she encountered a moment later.

Justine suddenly felt enveloped in a cocoon of calmness. A soothing sensation filled every cell of her body. Her stress levels instantly melted away like a stick of butter on hot asphalt. The knots in her shoulders unwound, and she felt herself breathing a sigh of relief. Pleasantly perplexed, Justine gazed at her husband Sean, who was in the kitchen with her. He also seemed unusually calm and peaceful. They cocked their heads at one another and squinted their eyes, as if to say, “Do you feel that, too?”

This euphoria was interrupted by their three-year-old daughter. Ella calmly said to Justine, “Look mommy, an angel.” The little munchkin was pointing to the top of the nine foot ceiling right above Justine’s head!

Justine felt butterflies dance around her stomach. “Where baby, up here?” Justine pointed up towards the ceiling, wondering if an angel was truly in close proximity.

With a look of panic on her face, Ella hollered, “Don’t touch the angel! We can’t touch them!”

As if she’d just touched a hot stove, Justine quickly retracted her hand. She gazed over at Sean. His mouth hung wide open and he stared at the ceiling in disbelief. Neither Sean nor Justine could see this angel, but their daughter gazed upon the majestic being with a twinkle in her eyes. Her smile contained unrestricted joy. She looked as innocent as Cindy Lou Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Darling Ella appeared as if she were looking at unopened presents around a glistening Christmas tree. She was utterly transfixed on the angel.

She whispered, “Mommy, he’s nice to you.” Her eyes tracked upward, as if she were now looking at the angel’s face. Her smile was priceless, and her eyes were as big as flying saucers.

After the incident, Justine and Sean conversed about it. Up until that point, they hadn’t exposed Ella to the concepts of religion or angels. Justine and her family are spiritually-based people, but their children were so young at the time, those topics hadn’t yet been addressed. They had never used the word “angel” around the kids. In the days that followed, Justine contacted Ella’s preschool, asking if they’d just done a project related to angels. They assured her they hadn’t. Justine checked with family members to ask if anyone had talked to Ella about angels. Nobody had.

Earlier in this book, when I discussed guardian angels, I mentioned that we often feel the presence of guardian angels and notice their impact on our lives even when we cannot see them. Here, in Justine’s case, the same concept applies. Even though Justine couldn’t see the angel herself, she still felt the magnificence and serene vibe in the room at the moment Ella spotted the angel.


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