Dream Visits

Each week, as I’m giving psychic readings from my office in Omaha, clients will ask me the same question – “What does it mean when I’m visited by my deceased loved ones in my dreams?” I hear this question so often I figured I would address it in my blog. Has this ever happened to you? Who was it? Your cousin? Your grandparent? Was it your crazy uncle, or your childhood friend who squeezed into your dreams for a friendly hello? If you’ve experienced a wonderful dream visit from the spirit world, please hold onto it and cherish the experience forever. Keep it in the lockbox of your heart and cling to it in times of grief.

Some people aren’t fortunate enough to ever experience this at all. Of course, the likelihood of having a dream visit from Heaven partly depends on your ability to remember your dreams in the morning. If you rarely recall your dreams when your morning alarm goes off, your loved ones in Heaven already know that about you, and they’re less likely to come to you in dreams. When this is the case, they’ll simply use other signs, messages, and techniques to grab your attention while you’re awake.

If you DO remember your nightly dreams and have been visited by a deceased family member or friend, you may have noticed a few things. First of all, these dream visits are rare. They typically only occur every year or so. This is because our loved ones don’t want us to obsess about making contact with them; they want us to focus on our own journeys and simply live our lives. Secondly, when your deceased loved ones appear in your dreams, they rarely say anything. It’s common for them to give us a hug, a smile, or a simple head nod. If they say anything to us at all in the dream, the communication is often telepathic – they transfer their thoughts to us without even moving their mouths. I’ve heard hundreds of accounts like this, and have even experienced it myself in my own dreams. It’s a much more effective form of communication for spirits, and it allows them to convey the strong emotions that the English language often loses in translation.

The last point I want to make is that not every dream of a deceased loved one is actually a visit from Heaven. Sometimes, your departed friend, spouse, or grandparent may appear in your dream but they’re simply in the background and don’t play a key role in the dream. If your loved one looks sick or unhappy, or if the dream is confusing, you can discard it as a nightmare. There’s really no significance in those dreams because it’s just your brain’s way of processing grief or the day’s events. When you receive a real, genuine dream visit, the dream will be vivid, life-like, and crystal clear. Your loved one will look happy, healthy, vibrant, and will appear like a youthful version of themselves if they passed at an old age. These dreams seem so real because they ARE real. It’s essentially the spirit of your loved one meeting you halfway between Heaven and Earth. After all, our dreams are like the playground of our souls.

Aside from my Aunt Terry, everyone on my dad’s side of the family has passed away. A few years ago, I saw them all in a dream that was essentially a Myers Family reunion. The dream took place at a location which appeared to be an old warehouse. It was dusty and dilapidated, looking like it hadn’t been used in years. Despite being in disarray, it was filled with positive energy. In an upper-level loft of the warehouse, I sat at a round, wooden table with my grandma, grandpa, dad, and uncle. With a smile as wide as Lake Superior, I listened to the four of them swap stories. They laughed hysterically about life and the shenanigans they got into while in the human condition.

The way they downplayed their mistakes, misfortunes, and even deaths, made it seem like they were referring to events of a day, rather than a lifetime worth of memories. Their nonchalant attitudes towards their most recent lifetimes on Earth indicated to me that our long and difficult existence is merely a drop in the bucket of our eternal journey. It’s simply part of the growing process that we’ve repeated time and time again through the eons.

In this dream, at a dusty, round table, half way between here and Heaven, I continued to silently observe the conversation taking place. My Uncle Tim joked about how many times he screwed up while in the human condition, and what he plans to do differently “next time”. I overheard my dad, Steve, with his unique and endearing laugh. He joined in the banter, mentioning how we all take life too seriously on Earth, and how everything finally makes sense once we’re back “home”.

Looking at Grandma Myers, she still emanated kindness just as she did in life. In my dream, she once again radiated love, and her light shone brightly. I was drawn to her like a firefly to a 100 watt light bulb. Grandma mentioned how we’re all too hard on ourselves, and how we’re all perfect among our imperfections.

On and on, the conversation progressed. I got the feeling this is how Heaven operates. My deceased family members were rehashing their infinite existence from the grandest perspective, where there is no regret and no judgment. They looked back on their lifetimes with humor and irreverence. They gazed towards the future with optimism. While asleep, I remember thinking to myself, “This is not a dream. This is real. I must be observing them in Heaven.”

Of course, in reading about this lovely dream I had, you must be thinking to yourself, “I always imagined Heaven would be more beautiful than a decrepit warehouse loft.” I assure you, it is more beautiful than that. There are two reasons why my family in Heaven chose that setting as the background for my dream to take place. First of all, as they say in real estate, what matters is location, location, location. Had this dream taken place in the more gorgeous sectors of Heaven, I would have been too distracted to listen to the conversation taking place. My attention span would have instantly shrunk had I been hypnotized by the never-ending rolling hills of vibrantly colored flowers and crystal clear waterfalls. Yep, I would have surely skipped off like a five-year-old on a soccer field, chasing butterflies, and humming my favorite song. The dream took place in a mundane setting so I could stay focused and concentrate on what was being said.

Secondly, my grandma, grandpa, dad, and uncle were very down-to-earth individuals in life. They did not wear fancy clothes or drive flashy vehicles. They were jeans and t-shirts kind of people, content with a good chair to sit on, and a strong cup of coffee. They wouldn’t mind lounging around a creaky, old warehouse, as long as they were in good company. And, Heaven is home to the best company imaginable.

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