Do You Trust Your Psychic?

Posted by on Sep 8, 2016

If you’re searching for psychics in Omaha, please be careful when it comes to selecting one. It’s advisable to only schedule a psychic reading with someone you trust (or someone who has been personally referred to you by a friend or family member). Life coaches, holistic healers, and psychic mediums in Omaha (or anywhere else) should be trustworthy, honest, and demonstrate integrity. Sadly, not all of them do. I guess it’s really no different than any other profession. Whether we’re talking about mechanics, house cleaners, or plumbers – some are professional and honest, and some are not. It’s always good to have referrals and know what you’re getting yourself into.

I’ve heard some horror stories from people who’ve gone to see phony psychics. There are typically red flags from the very beginning – the psychic lacked empathy, was overly concerned about getting the money first, appeared to be indifferent about the predictions that were given, etc. What really makes my blood boil is hearing reports of people who’ve had psychics try to convince them that they had curses and hexes and dark energy surrounding them. Conveniently, the psychic also claimed to have candles, potions, and special prayers that would lift these curses, and the remedy could be purchased for ONLY $800. These “magical” candles probably cost three dollars at Wal-Mart for crying out loud! Reports like this sometimes make me ashamed to call myself a psychic. I don’t want to be lumped into the same category as these scam artists. My services are always delivered with honesty, empathy, accuracy, and professionalism. I’m most concerned with delivering my clients inspiration, validation, and direction. I don’t consider myself an “entertainment psychic”. I’m not a magician and my intuitive skills are not a party trick. I use my intuitive senses to offer guidance, closure, and a sense of hope for my clients moving forward. I’ve made it my mission to make the psychic process less mystical, less mysterious, and more mainstream. Hopefully we’ve taken some steps in the right direction.

I apologize if this sounds like a bit of a rant. Perhaps it is. I can’t help but be frustrated that some people misuse their intuition or simply aren’t psychic at all and take advantage of others by claiming to be. I’m not referring to anyone in particular – I’m just talking about the psychic world as a whole. Please exercise good judgement in selecting a qualified psychic. If you’re willing to wait the 2-3 months it takes to see me for a psychic reading, I promise to deliver you a high quality experience. Otherwise, if you’re exploring other options, I’d be happy to recommend other intuitives that I personally trust. Be careful out there. It’s a jungle. And if someone tries to sucker you into buying $800 candles to lift a curse, be sure to demand your money back and run from them as fast as your legs will carry you. Curses are no more real than the psychics who believe in them.