As many of you know, 90% of my blogs are driven by YOU. Polls are frequently taken on my “Psychic Medium Andy Myers” Facebook page. The topic with the most votes wins, and the article is written within the week. Whether you’re in my home city of Omaha or keep in touch with me from elsewhere around the country, thanks for voting, thanks for your input, and thanks for taking the time to read this. The votes have been tallied, and here is your article on the topic of disappearing objects (something we can all relate to).

Here’s the scene: you set your car keys on the kitchen counter and briefly go upstairs to get a few things before heading out. When you come back to the kitchen counter, you notice your car keys have disappeared. You swear you left them on the counter, and last time you checked, most of your sanity was still accounted for. There aren’t many options as to what could have happened to them. A – You’re so rushed and frazzled that you never set them on the kitchen counter in the first place, and your mind is simply playing tricks on you. B – Your child stole them and dropped them in the toilet bowl (I have a toddler – trust me, these things happen). Or, C – your keys have quite literally disappeared . . . vanished into the ether; gone into the void; the alternate dimension where important receipts go just before you need to return your item to the store.

This whole “disappearing object routine” is more common than you might think. As a psychic medium, we’re used to getting a plethora of interesting e-mails at my office. And, many people desperately contact me asking for me to help locate missing items that have been misplaced or seemed to have disappeared from the face of the Earth. More often than not, the missing item will turn up moments later, exactly where you left it, in exactly the same spot you looked ten times while it was briefly missing.

So, where exactly do these items go when they mysteriously vanish? Truthfully, we may never have a concrete answer. However, I do believe that our guardian angels and loved ones in Heaven can manipulate, hide, and move physical objects. They might do this just to get a smile out of us or to play a prank on us. If your Uncle Jerry passed away and he was an ornery stinker in life, perhaps you can blame him next time your wallet briefly goes missing. On the other hand, perhaps their “prank” is to help you avoid potential danger. It’s possible that Uncle Jerry is the one who moved your car keys from the kitchen counter because he knew that stalling you for five minutes would help you avoid a car accident on your route to work. Sometimes, there is a greater purpose in mind.

One mystery that I’ve never solved is figuring out what the hell happen to mine and my wife’s rock collection. True story – I was driving to my psychic event in Kansas City and had six or seven rocks in the center console of my car, near the cup holders. My wife had brought them along for good vibes and spiritual energy – gems, crystals, etc. – a sort of mix-and-match from one of those new age shops that smell like sage. Anyway, I glanced down at the rocks as we neared the hotel parking lot, and minutes later when we parked and were unloading the vehicle, they were gone. Poof! Vanished! Disappeared into an alternate reality – lost in the space-time fabric of the Universe. We triple checked the car to make sure they didn’t tumble elsewhere, but they couldn’t have! The little console they were in was six inches deep. In the days to follow, we even had the car professional detailed and vacuumed, and the crew never found a single rock. We never saw them again. It was a real noodle-scratcher; an unsolved mystery. No amount of intuition or psychic senses will allow me to crack the case. At any rate, if you’ve ever experienced this little disappearing object phenomenon, please know that you’re not alone and it’s most likely not your imagination. Sure, we’re sometimes sacrifice a lost item or two to the gods of unorganization, but in some cases, you can certainly blame the spirit world or the paranormal for items that go missing.

Regarding disappearing objects, I’ve come to two conclusions. #1: Children are the true magicians of the world because they’re highly efficient at making one thing disappear, and that one thing is money (being a parent is totally worth it though). #2: I think there is a portal to a different dimension attached to the back of our dryers, and one sock from each matching pair is sent to a faraway planet on a faraway galaxy. Sometime a thousand years from now, space travelers will stumble upon this planet whose entire surface is completely buried in ten feet of socks. Naturally, the only living creatures on this planet will be cats . . . cats who live luxurious lives napping endlessly on mountains of warm, soft socks. What’s up with that, anyways? Cats sleeping on piles of laundry. Maybe that’s a mystery for another blog. At any rate, have a great week and try not to lose your car keys.