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Past Lives Webinar: Part 1 of 2

This video class was filmed at one of Andy’s live events. He discusses various aspects of reincarnation, such as the roles we play from one life to the next, past life memories, meeting with loved ones in Heaven between lives, and even some fascinating stories that lend proof to the theory of reincarnation. You’ll feel like you were in the front row at this sold out lecture!

Past Lives Webinar: Part 1 of 2 (48 minute video)

Unwrap Your Intuition

Unwrap Your Intuition is a presentation that helps you develop your sixth sense. It explains various psychic phenomena in down-to-earth terms. Andy sheds light on a number of subjects related to intuition, such as premonitions, dreams that come true, controlling psychic abilities, how to distinguish an intuitive idea from a normal thought, and how to use intuition in real, practical ways.

"Unwrap Your Intuition" 80 Minute Video Class for $12.99

Inspiration: A to Z

This audio book is written and read by best-selling author and nationally respected inspirational speaker, Andy Myers. It’s 2.5 hours of uplifting and humorous musings on life, love, family, and spirituality. It’s about looking on the bright side of life, and appreciating the everyday miracles that often go overlooked. It includes helpful tools on subjects such as positive thinking, maintaining healthy relationships, and keeping things in perspective. This audio book is like an alphabetical hug for the soul.

Only $1.99 For A Limited Time!

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