I asked my Facebook followers for topic ideas for my next blog. One person suggested I share some tips about how to function normally when the vibes in the air are heavy or negative. I thought that was a relevant topic to everyone, so here it goes . . .

The truth is, I myself am sometimes affected by the collective energy in the air. When you’re intuitive, psychic, sensitive to energies, perceptive to the moods of others, or just plain kind-hearted, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the energies of the people and places you’ve been exposed to. Some days, I feel like I’ve been round-house kicked in the jaw by the collective global energy. This pulsating, vibrating, invisible “feeling” can take a real toll on a person physically, emotionally, intuitively, and spiritually. I’ve noticed that heightened emotions and tension around the world can affect us on a personal level – even situations happening thousands of miles away can zap you of energy if you’re plugged in to the universal consciousness (and believe me, you ARE plugged in to this consciousness, because we humans are more interconnected than we realize).

So, how does one cope with this uneasy feeling and live a normal life when the world itself is anything but stable? Option A . . . you can built an underground survival bunker and live off of rations of canned veggies and jugs of water. Burying your head in the sand might just do the trick in terms of blocking you from the world’s vibes. However, being a mole person underground would cause you to miss out on life’s beautiful moments and would stifle your human experience altogether. Plus, if the only company you keep down there are those doomsday prepper type conspiracy theorists, you’re sure to become more paranoid, less happy, and more disconnected from reality. No bueno!

So, we can throw option A out the window. Option B then is merely to learn how to function more efficiently as a sensitive person in a harsh world. As a professional psychic medium and a person who makes a living off of his sixth sense, I can tell you this is not always easy. Yet, here are some tragedies you might find helpful in maintaining a good mood and healthy outlook despite feeling that the world’s energy is a tad out of whack.

  1. Control what you can, and let go of everything else. (You cannot control the political situation in Afghanistan or solve world hunger on your own, but you can choose to have a positive impact on a local scale – by being kind to those you come in contact with and being kind to yourself).
  2. Learn how to detach! This is easier said than done, but basically it means to stop taking everything so personally. When someone is rude to you or wrongs you in some way, it usually has more to do with their own issues than anything you did to them.
  3. Remember that there cannot be growth without struggle. There cannot be change without conflict. Sometimes things get worse before they get better. Perhaps these are clichés, but they’re actually true. So, when you feel funky vibes in the air, perhaps the world is on the verge of a massive, positive shift (and believe me, we ARE on the verge of a MAJOR, unprecedented shift).
  4. Sage, cleanse, purify, detox. Find coping mechanisms that help you shake off the icky vibes at the end of the day. Whether it’s a salt bath, a short meditation, or changing your clothes after work, it’s important to rid ourselves of left-over energies that might be bogging us down.
  5. Do not get sucked into other people’s drama. It’s okay to be neutral. It’s okay to not pick sides.
  6. Don’t feel guilty for cutting ties with people who bring you down. It seems like positive people are becoming more positive and negative people are becoming more negative. If someone is draining to interact with, perhaps you should distance yourself from that person if possible.
  7. Stick to the basics: eat right, sleep well, pray often, laugh a lot, surround yourself with good people, make time for activities that give you joy, spend time with people you love.
  8. Be extremely careful when exposing yourself to news and social media. Watching the evening news can convince you the world is a totally bad place (which is not true). As for social media – it’s misleading in that it creates a false sense of connection when in fact it can make us more disconnected than ever before. Plus, studies have consistently shown that people who spend more time on their electronic devices have a MUCH higher likelihood for depression.
  9. Spend time in nature. The vibes inside a city are much different than in the country. I’ve noticed the collective funky energy of the world is less overwhelming out in the country where the air is more breathable and life moves more slowly.
  10. Listen to your body, mind, and spirit, but don’t overanalyze the feelings and intuitions that you sense. It’s okay to sense vibrations in the air. It’s natural if the collective energy around you is sometimes good and sometimes bad and sometimes a little goofy. The world itself has “good days” and “bad days” just like we do as individuals. Ride the wave of emotions, but don’t get sucked into it. Rise above it and remember that you’re a spirit having a human experience. Nothing more. Nothing less.
  11. Eat chocolate. It just makes everything better.