I’m not all that up to date on my Hollywood gossip. Not by a long shot. About the closest I come to keeping tabs on the personal lives of celebrities is that I know Jennifer Aniston is a free-spirited, holistic-minded hippie in real life. There are two reasons this information is relevant to me. First and foremost, it’s because I had a colossal, mega-crush on her back in the late 90s when the show Friends was at its peak. I remember hearing something or reading something stating that Jennifer Aniston should have played the role of Phoebe rather than Rachel, because Aniston’s real life personality was a dead-ringer for Phoebe’s character in the show (care-free, liberal, and deeply spiritual, etc.). Secondly, this information is interesting because I have a nagging suspicion that Aniston would be open-minded about psychic abilities, and I’m still holding out hope of giving her a psychic reading someday. Yes, my wife is aware of this dream and, yes, she fully supports it, provided that if I become friends with Jennifer Aniston, she gets to become friends with Robert Pattinson from the Twilight series. I agreed to these terms but reminded my wife that if she’s looking for a pale skinned, mysterious man who can read minds and who glistens and sparkles in the sun, she doesn’t need to look any further than me. Sure, when I glisten in the sun it’s due to sweat, not vampire glitter, but whatever. Same difference. Anyhow, I’ve gotten way off track here.

This blog article is my light-hearted take on which Hollywood celebrities are likely to be old souls (in my humble opinion). FYI – an “old soul” refers to someone who has lived many past lifetimes, and through those experiences has acquired wonderful personal qualities such as wisdom, compassion, perspective, maturity, emotional depth, spiritual curiosity, creativity, drive, and a genuine zest for life that’s quite contagious. Many old souls are a bit eccentric, but they certainly come in all shapes and sizes. Bear in mind, I don’t know a great deal about the personal lives of these people. Certainly you can’t tell much from an actor’s role as his or her character varies depending on the movie/TV show. But, seeing the occasional YouTube video or short documentary about the lives of these people has shaped my personal and intuitive hunch as to who might make the cut for “old soul” (and who might not). So, here it is . . .

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio: Old Soul? Absolutely.
    Once the up and coming actor who stood on the top of the Titanic, he’s now standing at the forefront on global warming issues and environmental awareness. It’s not a new fad and it’s not for publicity . . . Leo has been meeting with world leaders for over two decades regarding environmental matters. His new Inconvenient Truth documentary is thought-provoking to say the least. Leo is a true humanitarian.
  2. Russel Brand: Old Soul? Probably.
    Mix the Tasmanian devil with a Buddhist Monk and you’ve got Russel Brand. He seems as predictable as an EF-3 tornado and as animated as a Disney character. Despite his history with drug addiction, he’s a deeply spiritual individual who, given the opportunity, will go on rants about consciousness, interconnectedness, and the meaning of life.
  3. Leslie Mann: Old Soul? Old enough to rub me the wrong way.
    She’s appeared in numerous movies, including This is 40 and The 40 Year Old Virgin. I want to like her. I really do. She seems smart and capable and nice and she’s a good actress. But I can’t shake the feeling that her and I have shared a past lifetime together and that we were mortal enemies. She gets underneath my skin when I watch her on my TV. And that really bothers me because I want to like everyone.
  4. Oprah Winfrey: Old Soul? You betcha!
    She doesn’t just give people free cars. She gives them hope and perspective and inspiration. I seriously hope she’s a candidate for president of our country someday. That being said, I’m not talking politics here (I’m intuitive enough to steer clear of that land mine). I’ll just say that she comes across as warm, genuine, and empowering – a true role model for young women and men alike.
  5. Hope Solo: Old Soul? Eh.
    Beauty mixed with world class athleticism – a true double threat. She’s the famous goalkeeper for the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. I’ve been a lifelong diehard soccer fan (and player), yet I’ve always sensed there was a darker side to Hope. I’d be in awe of her goalkeeping ability while watching a game, yet found myself shaking my head and telling my wife that I felt there was a vicious side to Hope Solo – something about her gave me the willies and made me feel uneasy. Years later, she was charged with multiple counts of violent behavior and belligerence. I guess my initial feelings were correct . . . unfortunately.
  6. Matthew McCaughey: Old Soul? Very likely.
    He’s one of my favorite actors, so perhaps I’m slightly biased here. That being said, he comes across as spiritually centered, worldly, and enlightened . . . the type of guy who you could drink a few beers with and talk about alternate universes until the wee hours of the morning.
  7. Tom Cruise: Old Soul? Maybe / Maybe not.
    Hold the Scientology jokes. He strikes me as a bit of a perfectionist; the type of guy who masters a trade and won’t stop until he’s the best at what he does. Whether you agree with his spiritual philosophies or not, I suspect he’s a very efficient soul. This means, he may not have had as many past lives as some celebs, but perhaps he’s majored in efficiency and evolved very quickly from one life to the next. Or, maybe he’s just an alien. After all, the guy doesn’t seem to age.
  8. Katy Perry: Old Soul? Probably not.
    She’s got a set of pipes on her. You can’t deny that. It’s not my favorite genre of music, but you have to give credit where credit is due. The girl can sing and work a crowd. But, if I’m looking for wisdom and the answers to life’s questions, I’ll probably look elsewhere. Meanwhile, I can’t get the song Firework out of my head. Man, that song’s catchy!
  9. Jim Carrey: Old Soul? Absolutely.
    So it turns out Mr. Funny Man has a serious side to him. You can get lost going down the rabbit hole of YouTube videos and documentaries about Jim’s deeper side. He’s incredibly spiritual, highly creative, and his thoughts on the law of attraction are absolutely captivating. During the filming of his movie Man on the Moon, it’s said that Jim Carrey literally channeled the spirit of Andy Kaufman as he portrayed the deceased entertainer in the film. Check it out on the Netflix documentary called Jim and Andy. It’s interesting to say the least!
  10. Elon Musk. Old Soul? Yep.
    The dude’s got so many irons in the fire, it’s amazing he has time to make viral videos involving toy flame throwers. Among other things, he’s the brain behind the Tesla company that’s revolutionizing the auto industry. Despite being a business genius and billionaire philanthropist, Elon seems like a down to Earth guy. And that’s a hallmark of an old soul – immensely talented yet equally humble. He’s changing the world and the way in which we live. It’s kind of reminiscent of Steve Jobs, but from what I can tell, Mr. Musk is warmer and gentler than Mr. Jobs was (may he rest in peace).
  11. Kanye West. Old Soul? No.
    Just . . . um . . . no.
  12. Keanu Reeves. Old Soul? Yes.
    A millionaire who befriends homeless people and takes public transportation to work? Apparently, that’s just a Tuesday for Keanu. Admittedly, he’s a bit mysterious. Some have even labeled him as a complete weirdo. But somewhere just below the surface and just above Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure lies a compassionate and soulful individual that sees the larger picture – and these are the hallmark qualities of an old soul.

Honorable mentions for old soul – yes or no?

Robin Williams: yes
Will Smith: yes
Drew Barrymore: no
Ellen DeGeneres: yes
Adam Sandler: no
Denzel Washington: yes
Brittany Spears: no
Kathy Bates: yes
Bono: yes
Ozzie Osbourne: no
Nelson Mandela: yes
Ryan Seacrest: no
Kim Kardashian: no
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: yes
Cameron Diaz: yes

Well, that covers about .3% of the world’s celebrities so I guess I’ll have to write another one of these. Before I sign off, I want to clarify something. This article was meant to be a conversation-starter; an entertaining and light-hearted take on past lifetimes. By no means am I judging any of the individuals mentioned above. I don’t believe young souls are any less special than old souls. We wouldn’t judge a second grader for being less advanced than a college student, would we? People are simply at different stages of their journeys. Some are just starting to learn and grow, while others have more experience. In a cosmic sense, the same is true for us in terms of our spiritual evolution from one life to the next. Even younger souls can be amazing people and wildly talented individuals. I hope you enjoyed this article. And, if you’re in the Omaha area, please join me for my lecture on February 24th titled “Past Lives: The Reincarnation Revolution”. (Tickets are now on sale via www.AndyMyersOnline.com).