There’s something about making lists that leaves me feeling good and centered and balanced. Maybe it’s the neatness of having things listed in a row. Maybe it simply feeds that little part of me that’s obsessive compulsive. At any rate, here’s another list-blog for you; a “log”, if you will. It’s merely a collection of random thoughts and ponderings I’ve had over the years – lighthearted curiosities about metaphysical and spiritual and paranormal topics. Contrary to what some people might think, psychics don’t have all the answers. Being intuitive doesn’t grant a person unlimited access to all the information in the Universe. Some topics are admittedly above my pay grade. But that doesn’t stop me from asking questions. Here’s some things that keep me up at night…

  1. If psychic abilities evolve to new levels in the future, perhaps the government could use them for psychic/military espionage – you know, the equivalent of bungee jumping into a person’s mind and extracting critical information. The government has attempted similar things in the past, with mixed results.
  2. If an alien crash lands his spaceship here on Earth, do you think his buddies back home would ever let him live that down? He’d be the laughing stock of his galaxy for millennia to come, wouldn’t you think?
  3. During paranormal investigations, do you think ghosts dare each other to mess with us humans and scare us? I can imagine it now. “Come on, Larry, I double dog dare you! Last time I touched her on the shoulder; the least you could do is cause that light to flicker!”
  4. Is it possible to have déjà vu about déjà vu?
  5. Do ghosts ever trip while going up and down the stairs? I mean, certainly if they were clumsy in life, they’d be a klutz in the afterlife, right?
  6. What if our dreams are the true reality, and when we’re awake we’re actually dreaming?
  7. Between lives while we’re on the Other Side, I hope it’s possible to jump into a simulation and live a lifetime as any famous person throughout history – you know, to “jump into their body” so to speak, and go through the motions experiencing their life as though it were your own. It might be cool to walk a mile in Einstein’s shoes, or to step into the ring as Muhammed Ali. Then again, many historically famous people had very difficult lifetimes, so perhaps that would be the price to pay for such an experience.
  8. If some of the legendary creatures are actually real, I bet Bigfoot would be friends with the Loch Ness Monster. Sure, one is aquatic and one lives on land, but they both seem to have a gentle disposition and I bet they’re both introverts, so they’d get each other on that level. I also think that Chupacabras would be friends with Vampires – you know, since they both like to suck blood and all.
  9. What if the Universe didn’t create us, but instead we created the Universe? Perhaps we thought it into existence before the beginning? It’s one of those “chicken or the egg” kind of deals I suppose.
  10. What if our entire reality is merely a computer simulation created by extraterrestrials? And what if psychics are merely able to see into the future because we’re accessing the main frame where all the data is stored? And what if past lifetimes are merely old versions of ourselves before our software was updated?

At any rate, thanks for taking a spin around the racetrack of my mind. It’s filled with potholes and side streets and speed bumps, but I suppose we all have bizarre thoughts from time to time, don’t we? Stay curious, people. And thanks for taking the time to read another one of my “logs”.