Animal Spirit Guides

(An excerpt from my upcoming book on spirit guides and angels)
By Andy Myers

An animal spirit guide (otherwise known as a “totem”) is a creature you felt very connected to in a recent past lifetime. Generally speaking, our more recent incarnations influence us more than ancient ones. Therefore, your soul would be more familiar with your favorite animal from an incarnation in the 1800s than a species you associated with in the 1200s. Since you’ve lived multiple lifetimes, it’s possible to have more than one animal spirit guide.

I once read a lady named Cecelia, and identified her animal spirit guide as an ox. Cecelia didn’t like this bit of information, and disagreed with me by saying, “I don’t even like oxen. They’re smelly and ugly.” True, oxen may not win any beauty pageants, but, by god they’re industrious and strong.

With tact and empathy, I explained to Cecelia it didn’t really matter how much she loved oxen, an ox was still her animal spirit guide. I explained that in her recent past lifetime, she used oxen to plow her field and haul heavy wagons. She relied on them for work, companionship, and survival. Therefore, they had significance in her past lifetime. That connection still runs deep, even today. Cecelia is more of a cat person nowadays. Mrs. Whiskers is one of Cecelia’s best friends. Because of this, I assured her that a cat will be her animal spirit guide in her next lifetime.

As my reading with Cecelia progressed, I discovered she actually had quite a bit in common with oxen. Although physically small in stature, Cecelia was very strong on the inside. She was tough and durable. Having been raised in less than ideal circumstances, she developed thick skin and amazing resiliency. She admitted to being a workaholic, and definitely “pulled her weight” around the office. She was overworked and underappreciated. Cecelia may have lacked horns and hooves, and she certainly didn’t pull any wagons, but she was an ox if I’ve ever met one. Some people have a lot in common with their animal spirit guide. Our personality characteristics and overall demeanor can reflect the attributes of our totem.

Sometimes we feel a connection to our animal spirit guide, and sometimes we don’t. Geography has a lot to do with this. If your recent past lifetimes were lived in the icy regions of Northern Europe, it’s logical to assume an alligator is not your totem. Alligators are not native to Northern European countries, and therefore, you would not have a recent past life connection to them. If your recent incarnations took place in steamy jungles, then a polar bear is definitely not your animal guide, as they weren’t present where you lived. If you were a zookeeper in your past lifetime, God only knows which animals could be your totems. Perhaps you have a Noah’s Ark type of thing going on, and you are bonded with a million different animal spirit guides.

What about mythical creatures? I guess the jury is still out on that one. I don’t want to be pessimistic and say you can’t have a unicorn or friendly dragon as your animal guide. It’s just that I’ve never given a reading to someone who had these creatures as their totems. I guess it’s possible to have a one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple people eater as your animal spirit guide, as long as your past lifetime was on the planet Zkdhueileho.