This is a poem for old souls
Living in a world that pushes and pulls

Fate and destiny, living life as you planned it
While feeling like an alien on a strange planet

Wise beyond your years, yet hungry for knowledge
The Earth is your campus, your life is the college

Searching for substance in everything you do
Unlocking life’s mysteries and looking for clues

Playing spiritual hopscotch and searching for meaning
While your mind is straight but your heart is leaning

You’re accepted by many but understood by few
A social chameleon through and through

Cultured and worldly, a jack of all trades
Passion burns brightly and can’t possibly fade

Like a willow tree, your roots run deep
Subconscious runs free at night while you sleep

A philosophers mind with the heart of a gypsy
Your thirst for adventure leaves you feeling quite tipsy

And where you have been and where you have gone
Oh the jouneys you’ve had and the journey you’re on

The world is a stage, your life is a play
And you are an actor in a strange little way

Comedies, dramas, and action galore
Ensures that your soul will never get bored

Through the revolving door of reincarnation
You’re thereby granted your eternal salvation

You shine so bright you’re nearly reflective
As you view your life from the highest perspective

So here’s to the old souls who remain young at heart . . .
Please know it’s not the end, but only the start