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Past Life Similarities

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It always amazes me how similar some of our past lives can be to our current one. In a weird, roundabout way, history often repeats itself. In many of my psychic readings in Omaha (and other cities) I describe to my clients the details of a few of their past lifetimes. I see the images in my mind’s eye, and tell my clients what I see. Past lives aren’t always similar to our current one, but it’s certainly interesting when this happens. The particular psychic reading described below took place just the other night, and it was interesting enough that I decided to type it up and share it with...

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Celebrity Old Souls List

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I’m not all that up to date on my Hollywood gossip. Not by a long shot. About the closest I come to keeping tabs on the personal lives of celebrities is that I know Jennifer Aniston is a free-spirited, holistic-minded hippie in real life. There are two reasons this information is relevant to me. First and foremost, it’s because I had a colossal, mega-crush on her back in the late 90s when the show Friends was at its peak. I remember hearing something or reading something stating that Jennifer Aniston should have played the role of Phoebe rather than Rachel, because Aniston’s real life...

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