Just wanted to give you all an update that my staff and I are working hard on planning my 2018 roster of events in Omaha (and other cities around the country). It’s still yet to be determined what cities I’ll be conducting psychic events in, but Kansas City, Des Moines, and Minneapolis are likely candidates, and Phoenix, Portland, Milwaukee, and possibly Boston are also on the short list of possible places I’ll travel to next year. For years, I’ve always conducted “Heaven on Earth” gallery readings when I travel outside of Omaha, but in 2018 I’m thinking about spicing things up a bit and offering some popular seminars that I’ve never offered elsewhere before. These lectures may include: Unwrap Your Intuition (a psychic development class), Past Lives (a lecture on reincarnation and past life case studies), or The Survival Guide for Old Souls (a class to help old souls navigate this lifetime with a little more direction). I’ve also thought about offering my Angels Among Us presentation in cities nationwide since angels and spirit guides are a universally popular topic.

Regarding events in my home city, here’s a list of seminars I might offer in Omaha next year:
“Heaven on Earth” Gallery Readings
Unwrap Your Intuition
Single and Soul Searching (NEW)
Angels Among Us
Past Lives
Miraculous Meditations (NEW)
The Survival Guide for Old Souls
The Science of Spirituality (NEW)
Spirit Animals
Positively Paranormal
Andy’s Untold Stories (NEW)

I often get requests to conduct individual psychic readings when I’m in other cities. As of now, we’re still working out the details of my travel plans, but I promise to let you all know if I open up spots for private sessions while I’m on the road. If you have suggestions for future lectures or presentations that you’d like me to give, simply contact my office and we’ll consider your request. Thanks for your interest and support. I hope to see you at one of my many lectures next year!