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Birthmarks and Reincarnation

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The young boy was born in the Golan Heights region near the borders of Israel and Syria. From the time he could talk, he insisted that he was murdered in a past lifetime by an axe blow to the forehead. Interestingly enough, the boy was born with a noticeable birthmark on his forehead (it’s often speculated that birthmarks appear on the same part of our bodies that we endured past life trauma or injury). Since reincarnation is taken seriously in that part of the world, the boy’s family didn’t immediately dismiss his claims. They wondered if perhaps the birthmark was a left-over side effect (a...

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What Heaven Is Really Like

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What is Heaven really like? This question has intrigued scholars, scientists, and religious followers for countless millennia. I consider myself a student of the afterlife. I’ve had a life-long fascination with spirituality and what lies beyond this world. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I have indeed learned a thing or two from conversing with spirits as a professional psychic medium, spiritual lecturer, and intuitive life coach for the past eight years. When hearing information from Grandpa Bob (for example), the information he tells me can be verified and validated as true by...

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Signs from Departed Pets

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The majority of my Facebook followers voted for this particular article to be about signs and messages from departed pets. So, here it is! I’m a lover of animals. I always have been. Although I don’t claim to be a pet psychic, I feel I have a strong connection with most critters. In many of my psychic readings when I’m connecting with loved ones in Heaven and relaying messages to family members, I’ll see and sense the presence of dogs and cats on the Other Side. I can sometimes hear them bark and purr, but I cannot translate this into English to relay a specific message to their owners here...

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