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Florida, Here We Come

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I’m super excited to be traveling to Fort Myers in a few days for my “Heaven on Earth” Gallery Reading. It’s always mixed emotions when I leave town for a publicly advertised event, because I secretly hope it’s not enticing for potential robbers. Then again, my house is as locked and secure as Fort Knox. Our security system offers some peace of mind for sure. Plus, my neighbors are always outside and would notice any funny business. PLUS, I always envision angels around my property for extra protection. And, not just any angels – the tough ones like Saint Michael who wield double-edged...

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Little List of BIG Life Lessons

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Some lessons are learned the hard way, and some are learned from experience and observing others. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but here are a few simple truths that I’ve learned throughout the 35 years I’ve been on this crazy planet. For what it’s worth . . . People rarely change, so it’s easier to accept them for who they are than to try to change them. It’s more important to be genuine and kind than it is to be famous. Everyone has a reason for being the way that they are. Keep that in mind before you judge them. It does no good to be in a hurry if you’re travelling in the wrong...

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Life Coaching 101: Simplify

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Some of you might not know that in addition to being a psychic medium, author, spiritual lecturer, and professional pizza eater, I’m also a Life Coach. “Life Coach” is just a fancy term that means people have the option of shaking out their life and duping all their problems onto my lap like a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle. I’m only kidding (kind of). Seriously though – being a life coach is tricky business. It’s a high wire act that requires delicate balance. I need to be empathetic enough with my clients to sympathize and empathize with their struggles, yet tough enough to be honest and direct...

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