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Awkward Psychic Moments

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As they say in real estate – what matters is location, location, location. I guess that also applies to some extent in my line of work as a psychic medium. It’s always nice to deliver psychic readings in a calm, quiet, clean, comfortable location. Nowadays, I deliver private readings (and small family sessions) via my office near 120th and L Street in Omaha. My public gallery readings and spiritual lectures take place in state of the art conference rooms and beautiful hotel ballrooms across the country. And, I’m very grateful for that – because earlier in my career I gave plenty of readings...

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Metaphysical Movie Reviews #1

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Many of you might not know this about me – but I’m a total movie buff. I don’t claim to know the names of every actor, actress, and director in Hollywood, but I have a strange knack for remembering the year that certain movies were released. I can often recall the exact location I was at when I saw a film for the first time. In a way – movies are like a drug in that they temporarily take us out of our reality and into a different world. I happen to love my life, but it’s always fun to lose myself in a movie and be swept away on the emotional rollercoaster ride of a fictional story. In line...

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Funny Quotes

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One thing you need to know about me is that I try not to take life too seriously. Granted, I do take my work as a psychic medium very seriously. But, outside of work I tend to be a big goofball much of the time. I figure life is too short not to enjoy it. I love to laugh. I love to be silly. I love making funny faces and ridiculous noises for my two-year-old daughter. And, in the spirit of being silly, I thought I’d write a blog that has nothing to do with ghosts, psychic abilities, or communicating with the dead. This article is simply about strange and funny things that my wife Kenzie has...

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Our Funny Farm

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I have a major crisis going on in my life right now. I can no longer eat bacon. Or ham. Or pepperoni. It’s sad but true. You see, I have a pet pig. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. My WIFE has a pet pig. But, according to our wedding vows and the fact that I promised to love and support her through good times and bad . . . this makes little Hammy MY pet pig as well. It’s not all bad though. He’s cute and smart and surprisingly cuddly. He weighs less than our house cat, tipping the scales at a whopping nine pounds. He’s a pot belly pig. His weight may hit the triple digits as he grows...

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