I’m excited to announce that my 2017 schedule of events is now finalized. I’ll be travelling to several cities to conduct psychic events, including Fort Myers in February, Nashville in March, Denver in April, Minneapolis in June, Kansas City in July, Des Moines in August, Boston in September, Portland (Oregon) in October, and Milwaukee in November. These “Heaven on Earth” Gallery Readings are always special, and I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to travel to these cities. Tickets will be available after the holidays via my website.

Of course, I’ll continue to do psychic shows and spiritual lectures in my home city of Omaha as well. In fact, I’m offering three brand new classes in Omaha in 2017. Spirit Animals will include loads of information on animal spirit guides (also known as totems). For those interested in meditation, I’m offering a new presentation called Miraculous Meditations just in time for the holidays in 2017. Last but not least, I’ll be teaching a class called Single and Soul Searching: The Art of Finding and Maintaining Love. Additionally, I’ll be offering some of the perennial favorites such as Unwrap Your Intuition, Angels Among Us, Past Lives, and Life Purposes. I’ll be conducting at least one event in Omaha each month in 2017. As always, I’ll continue to do “Heaven on Earth” Gallery Readings for those interested in connecting with loved ones or getting a sample of what my psychic services are all about (there are four gallery readings scheduled in Omaha in 2017).

Between these events and lectures, I’ll continue to conduct in-person and over the phone psychic readings, life coaching sessions, and sessions for small groups/families. Last but not least, I’m excited that my next book will be available in 2017 (publishers say it should be on sale by August or September). Meanwhile, I’ll continue to work on what will be my fourth book. Thanks to all of you for your constant support. That’s pretty much the run-down of what I’ve got cookin’ for next year. As always, suggestions and feedback are welcome. If you’d like me to teach a specific class on a specific subject, feel free to email me at Info@IntuitiveOmaha.com or call my office at 402-933-5652.