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Happiness is a Choice

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It doesn’t take a psychic medium or a spiritual guru to sense the weird vibes in the atmosphere lately. For months leading up to the presidential election (and even now – several weeks later), there are some pretty tense vibes in the air. Whether you’re in Omaha, Orlando, or Oshkosh, you’ve probably been feeling a bit wonky, too. Emotionally and intuitively, we all have an invisible, psychic satellite dish above our heads that inadvertently picks up signals. We’re not only picking up energetic signals from those we’re around, we’re also absorbing energy from the collective consciousness of...

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Past Life Martial Arts

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During most of my psychic readings, I tap into my client’s past lifetimes via the images that I see. It’s not a past life regression and it’s not hypnotherapy, but it’s as if I see these past life images like the trailer of an upcoming movie – these “videos” in my mind’s eye include the highlights of any given lifetime such as where a person lived, what time period it was, the ups and downs, and what their name was in that lifetime. The other day during a session, a very interesting synchronicity emerged. I was speaking with a young man who wanted some information about his brother. I began...

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The Secret of Life

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I took a poll and asked my Facebook followers what my next blog article should be about. There seemed to be a tie between “10 reasons why dogs are better than people” and “The secret of life”. Therefore, I’m going to sandwich them together like peanut butter and jelly, and cover both topics in one article. 10 reasons why dogs are better than people 1. They have endless enthusiasm. 2. They are quick to forgive us. 3. They’re always happy to see us. 4. Dogs aren’t racist, sexist, or homophobic (which is more than we can say for some people). 5. Dogs make good protectors and home security...

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