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Ghost Truck & Creepy Farm House

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I offer many psychic services in Omaha (and other cities around the country). But in recent years I’ve been so busy giving readings and delivering lectures that I don’t often find time to go on paranormal investigations despite the fact that I’m very interested in them. Paranormal investigation teams are trying to achieve the same goal as me – to prove there is an afterlife and that we can communicate with the deceased. Ghost hunting teams simply go about it a different way than I do. I personally know many members of Omaha’s ghost hunting group known as PRISM....

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Synchronicity: Lucky Number Seven

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As a psychic medium, people expect me to blow their minds with fascinating information. I do my best to deliver services that offer this “wow” factor, but often times I’m just as amazed by the things my clients share with me. I hear incredible true stories that are far more exciting than anything a Hollywood director could create. Here’s one such account involving a heartwarming synchronicity. Her name was Stephanie. She lived on the other side of the country, so I gave her an over-the-phone reading. Sadly, Stephanie’s husband had been diagnosed with a very rare form...

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