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Predictions for the Future

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As a psychic medium, I’m used to making predictions that involve everyday life. When people schedule a psychic reading with me, they expect information about what the future could entail. I’ll gladly make predictions, but I always remind my clients that our day to day decisions affect our future more than our fate/destiny does. Free will plays a HUGE part in how our lives turn out. For that reason, predicting the future can be tricky at times. It’s sometimes a game of, “All things remaining equal, here’s how things are likely to play out . . . but you can change your own future.” Until now,...

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Tribute to Steve Irwin

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Today is the tenth anniversary of the death of Steve Irwin – better known as The Crocodile Hunter, a show that was wildly popular on Animal Planet in the early 2000s. He was a real life Crocodile Dundee, and at the peak of his show, Steve was a world famous celebrity. Personally, I don’t typically idolize celebrities. Many celebrities are put on a pedestal and viewed as role models. Sadly, many of them squander the opportunity to use their fame for good. It’s frustrating to see famous people self-implode due to drug problems, inflated egos, and scandals. Maybe this is why I admired Steve...

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