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Omaha Metaphysical Network

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Psychic readings. Intuitive development. Dream interpretation. Past lifetimes. Guardian angels. Miracles, mysteries, and UFOs. What do all these topics have in common? They’re all things we discuss at the Omaha Metaphysical Network. The meetings take place in Omaha, but people from Council Bluffs, Lincoln, and small towns throughout Nebraska flock to our get-togethers. I formed the group in 2008 and facilitate each meeting. We refer to the group as the OM Network (OM is short for Omaha Metaphysical), which is very appropriate considering “OM” is an ancient word for “God”, and at our core,...

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Random Thoughts

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It finally dawned on me that I’m always writing very professional-sounding blog articles. They’re usually a slice of uplifting content sandwiched between educational information. I guess it’s my inner teacher trying to escape, or maybe it’s my way of ensuring that my blogs are relevant to everyone. That being said, most blogs are similar to a diary or journal, aren’t they? In that spirit, I’m going “rogue” on this blog entry and I’m just going to spew out some random, freestyle thoughts. There’s no pattern and no purpose here. The following information would be a psychologist’s wet dream...

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Soul Mates

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Soul mates. These two little words make some people roll their eyes in disgust. Others find the idea of soul mates so romantic they have little hearts floating out of their eyes like a cartoon character. I’m not a love expert, and I certainly don’t wear little diapers and shoot heart-shaped arrows at unsuspecting love interests like Cupid does (trust me, the general public should be thankful for this). However, I do believe in the concept of soul mates. How could I not? I believe I’m married to mine. I guess you can’t blame some people for not believing in soul mates, though. Perhaps it’s...

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The Problem with Predicting the Future

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I’ve been a full-time, professional psychic medium for nearly eight years now. I’ve noticed that my intuitive style and even my beliefs have changed a bit since I first began. When I first started, people would ask me to predict their future and I’d do so with the enthusiasm of a kid at summer camp. “What would you like to know?” I’d ask. I’d tell them how many kids they were likely to have, what job opportunities were likely to come their way, and what fate might have in store for them regarding health, money, travel, etc. While I wholeheartedly believe it’s possible to predict the future,...

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Do You Trust Your Psychic?

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If you’re searching for psychics in Omaha, please be careful when it comes to selecting one. It’s advisable to only schedule a psychic reading with someone you trust (or someone who has been personally referred to you by a friend or family member). Life coaches, holistic healers, and psychic mediums in Omaha (or anywhere else) should be trustworthy, honest, and demonstrate integrity. Sadly, not all of them do. I guess it’s really no different than any other profession. Whether we’re talking about mechanics, house cleaners, or plumbers – some are professional and honest, and some are not....

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