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The Meaning of Déjà-vu

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Out of all the psychics in Omaha, I might offer one of the most diverse ranges of intuitive services. People come to see me for life coaching, medium sessions, past life readings, and information on their guardian angels. I like this variety because it keeps me on my toes and ensures that each psychic reading will be different than the last. One of my favorite aspects is teaching and/or explaining new concepts to individuals who are new to this type of thing. My clients obviously ask me personal/psychic questions, but I also enjoy fielding general questions that are relatable to everyone....

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Coffeehouse Life Lessons

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As a psychic medium and life coach, I’m often giving insight, advice, and guidance to assist the people who schedule a reading with me. But, I’m okay admitting that I don’t have all the answers, and sometimes the best teachers are those who are comfortable being the student every once in a while. Here’s an example of a time when I learned (or rather, re-learned) a valuable life lesson. “Rim or no rim?” asked the peppy barista behind the coffee house counter. Her pupils were dialated and she seemed like she’d had one too many double shot espressos. I secretly wondered...

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Ghost on the Stairs

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I grew up in a house on the north side of Omaha that was nearly one hundred years old. I lived there until my twenties, as I worked my way through college. The house was beautiful. It had wooden beams on the ceilings, and French doors that opened into a bright sunroom. It sported original hardwood floors and a beautiful, creaky staircase that led upstairs. The only problem was the house was VERY haunted. I lived in that house before I learned to control my psychic abilities and before I’d figured out how to spiritually/emotionally protect myself. Feeling the presence of ghostly visitors in...

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A Major Pain in the Butt

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If you’re looking for a psychic reading from me, you must be prepared for any and all messages your loved ones in Heaven may deliver. My psychic services are direct and honest. I always relay information with tact and empathy, but I am a straight shooter. I don’t omit information just because it’s potentially embarrassing or uncomfortable. Here’s a humorous example – just one of many I could give you. While reading a client named Laurie, her father came through from the Other Side with one particular message I was hesitant to relay. First, he mentally and visually gave me images of large...

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Synchronicity Soul Mates

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One of the best parts of being a psychic medium is hearing the amazing stories that my clients share with me on a weekly basis. The individuals who schedule a reading with me are typically open minded, and open minded people tend to experience some weird occurrences throughout their lives – some involving ghosts and spirits, and others involving incredible synchronicity. Here’s one true story that defies all odds and reminds us that there really is some order to our world that often seems random. This story was submitted to me by a past client of mine. Her best friend is named Mallory....

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