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Tattoos and Past Lives

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I travel often for my work as a professional Psychic Medium and Intuitive Life Coach. I love my job because it allows me to meet people from all walks of life. Inevitably, some of these people have tattoos. I mention this because it’s quite remarkable how much validation can come from one little tattoo during a psychic reading. When the artistic ink displayed on a person’s skin correlates to the information I’ve just relayed to them, it has the power to turn non-believers into believers. For example, there was the time I gave a psychic reading to a no-nonsense guy named Tom. I was describing...

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All Dogs Go To Heaven

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I live in Omaha, Nebraska but I spend much of my time straddling the fence between Heaven and Earth. As a professional Psychic Medium, I spend my days communicating with people in Heaven and relaying messages to the individuals in my office. When I have my psychic satellite dish pointed in the general direction of Heaven, I pick up a number of signals . . . and not all of them come from human beings. Yes, it’s true that “all dogs go to Heaven”. The 1989 movie by the same name was right on the money. Our dogs go to Heaven when they pass away. So do our pet cats, guinea pigs, ferrets,...

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