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Ella and the Angel

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This is an excerpt from my upcoming book, which includes true stories of angels and angelic intervention. . . . One such account came from a client named Justine Sasaki. She’s granted me permission to use her real name in this story. Justine and her husband Sean have two young children together. Justine reported that one evening, she was particularly irritable because she’d had a rough day. She was in the kitchen making dinner for everyone, and managed to spill a bowl of pasta on the floor. This was a fitting end to a bad day, and it might have sent Justine over the top had it not been for...

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Dream Visits

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Dream Visits Each week, as I’m giving psychic readings from my office in Omaha, clients will ask me the same question – “What does it mean when I’m visited by my deceased loved ones in my dreams?” I hear this question so often I figured I would address it in my blog. Has this ever happened to you? Who was it? Your cousin? Your grandparent? Was it your crazy uncle, or your childhood friend who squeezed into your dreams for a friendly hello? If you’ve experienced a wonderful dream visit from the spirit world, please hold onto it and cherish the experience forever. Keep it in the lockbox of...

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Lessons in Faith and Fly Fishing

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I’ve taken questions from callers for many years on Omaha’s Q98.5 FM morning radio show, giving psychic readings on live air. One morning, the hosts of the show, Pat and J.T., asked me to answer a question someone e-mailed to the station. A lady who was a fan of the show wrote in, asking for some assurance her uncle in Heaven was doing okay. Her name was Jennifer, and she missed her uncle dearly. Intuition is not restricted by time, space, location, or technology. Reading a person through e-mail or relaying a message over the phone works just the same as it does in person. I could...

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